EvE Online - a world, a home, amongst the stars. These are the voyages of an EvE 'noob' from day one. I hope we have an enjoyable trip...

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Blog Suspended


Well - it's happened - I guess I've covered what I wanted to.  My move to piracy. 

Now I want to concentrate on flying and having some more fun!

Thanks to all who've taken the time to read my ramblings.

Who knows - maybe I'll be back, but I doubt it.

If anyone wants to get in touch in game then Evemail Zraltori and he'll put us in touch.

Fly safe and, most importantly - have fun!

Sunday, 8 May 2011

How I got to 100 kills and my celebrity death...

Last night my pirating netted me my 100th kill.  I never thought I'd make it but here we are.  All those needless deaths and stupid mistakes but I'm actually managing a 2/1 kill death ratio now which, especially to me, seems amazing - in the truest sense!

Yes, there are some 'easy' pots in there such as the odd cyno and AFK pod on a gate here and there.  There are also, however, those glowing embers of campfire tales which I'll remember for a long time such as the Cyclone kill with just two of us in Rifters with that ship having warped in just as we'd killed a Rupture.  There is dropping into a system to see a Frigate and Mining Barge on the same belt only to find that the combat ship is there to protect the miner and managing to take out both with half my armour left. 

Such is the joy of EvE - so many memories and ways to have fun.  You've got to love it.

Just the other night we happened upon a chap by the name of Rixx Javix.  He was pottering around in a Vagabond and, with his reputation and ship I'd decided to leave well alone - other than saying 'hello'.  Anyway a corpie of mine landed on him and got point - another warped in so I thought I'd have to try and help out.  Of course he had some assistance from a Harpy but the fight was over fairly quickly with two Rifters dead and one escapee.  The beauty of this though is that it's all good fun and what I find really refreshing is, for the most part, the people that have just killed your ship are usually more than willing to have a friendly chat to discuss fittings and tactics.

Again - you've got to love it.

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Ok so I'm curious...

That's not to say I'm curious as in odd.  More that I'm interested in seeking an explanation around the reasons that some people find this...


Personally I can't think of much that requires less skill than sitting with 10-15 of your mates on a gate waiting for a ship to come through then popping it.

My joy comes from roaming the depths of lowsec hunting suitable targets.  Building my knowledge of ships and fits to know what's worth taking on and what you need to leave well alone.  The thrill of first catching a ship on your 360 scan then narrowing it down checking the pilot, looking for their possible back up in system then warping to where you think they may be with modules hot and finger on the trigger finger is, for me, second to none.

So, what I'm interested to know is where is that fun to be had camping gates?  There must be some otherwise surely those wastes of skin who partake in it wouldn't do it.  Is it simply to add to your killboard?  Hardly a skilled kill though is it?  That would be like including hedgehogs on the scoreboard of 'Deathrace 2000' or shooting fish in a barrel.

When I look at my killboard and of those of my corp mates I know that the kills on them were all born of the hunt and effective tracking and that we all experienced the thrill of not really knowing what the outcome was likely to be.  When the campers look at theres do they simply note, 'another ship that warped into the system with which I boosted my clearly dominant ego.'

Now, you may be able to tell that I have recently lost some Isk to gatecamps.  Not a lot and that's really not the point.  The point is - is that really fun to do?  Somebody please tell me.

If you DO enjoy it - head off to nullsec there's a good puppy and play with others who appreciate your style.  Or join the scouts and do it properly in the woods with bears to play with.

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Best night yet...

So - tonight I took to my new Artillery fit Thrasher.  Something inside me likes the idea of being able to blow things out of the sky from 18-24 km away and not risk getting slapped back.  I'd broken away from the small gang to head up to a known PvP centre where there is sometimes some overflow of new players. 

Having jumped into the system I'd noted a Tristan on scan and was content I could try to take that on for some fun.  So as I scanned it imagine my surprise - and giddy happiness - to now also see a Retriever on scan.  In my time in low sec I've only ever seen three mining barges out in space.  I was salivating with anticipation and when I narrowed them down to the same belt I couldn't believe my luck.

Warping in at 20km I went for the barge first - I wanted that ship on my kill list and knew that given any time at all it would warp away and I'd lose the chance.  They were both at my optimum range so I was lucky again on that.  Four volleys took care of the barge but by this time the frigate was closing the distance.  I locked him and opened fire pointing him at the same time.

By this time he was only 1700m from me and whilst I'd taken him to half armour his shields were back up.  I fired up the microwarp and sped away opening the gap back up to 8000m and more.  At this range my guns and ammo began to rip the frigate apart once more taking him quickly to structure then kersplosion.

Sadly I missed both pods but this could in no way detract from what was an excellent encounter and some decent module drops mean that if I make it back to base I can liquidate some assets.

I'll be drinking some rum tonight!

After posting this I was subject to a gate camp - what is the fun in camping gates?  There's no skill involved and I have to seriously question what skill is involved.  Bah - sour grapes out of the way...

We did roam on though and the quick trip home I got from being podded meant I could join in with the guys with several more fun kills.  So every cloud and all that...

Nearing -10 now and am really loving it.

Monday, 11 April 2011

Bigger is not Better

Today I have had a timely reminder of what I already knew.  The bigger ship is not necessarily the better.  Of course, in the hands of a skilled pilot (in both senses of the term) it may be.  But, learning to fly a ship is not learning to fly it.  By this I mean I can easily learn Battlecruisers to level II but would I be competent in a Hurricane?  No.

So, having lost a couple of Jags and a Wolf this week I remembered what I had resolved to do when I set out on this path.  To abide by the rule of building a sound foundation before working on the ornamental stone work.  However nice the decorations, without a foundation they are weak. They will collapse.

I have then reinstated my Rifter fleet and packed away my shinies in bubble wrap until I can in fact fly them.

It was then with almost a sense of foreboding that I flew out of the station tonight.  My record has not been good thus far solo and I had hoped the bigger tanks may help me win some fights.  It hasn't happened hence my back to basics approach today.

The initial roam threw up a Rupture ratting on a gate.  My last words before warping in and targeting the ship were, ' always be prepared to bet on stupid'.  I knew I couldn't engage him without drawing gate wraith.  But, what if he got confused and started shooting at me?  So I targeted, orbited and waited.  Sure enough within 20 seconds I was being informed that he was shooting at me.  But, with my burner on I was taking no damage.  I therefore began to return the favour and pointed him at the same time.  It didn't take long for the Cruiser to pop.  I was amazed - and reproached myself for not having persevered with the Rifter before making the mistake of moving on far too quickly.

Later the same day I was flying a two pilot roam when we happened upon another Rupture on a planet.  We engaged and my wing had taken it right down before I landed.  However, before the Ruppy popped a Cyclone warped in.  I was concerned now but targeted the Cyclone, pointed it and opened fire.  My wing finished off the Ruppy then joined in.  The Cyclone's shields were repping and going down very slowly.  For the first time during a fight I moved over to EMP ammo.  This assisted and the shields went red.  Next was his armour and structure until the Cyclone too vaporised.  This took us a little time and I was worried that more help may be on the way.  If it was it didn't arrive in time.

This without doubt is the best day I've had in a while.  Three kills of decent calibre with great company.  I was on a real high as we divided the loot back at base. 

A pirate's life is the best in Eve.  Now, time for a rum...

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Cats and Dogs - the Eternal Struggle

I recently skilled up to the position that I could unwrap my Jag in the hangar and fire it up.  To be honest I'd also had the longest run I can remember without a loss and was beginning to feel more confident about at least being able to escape :)

So - I fired up the engines and disengaged from my home station for a roam around my usual haunts the other night.  I have to admit that the going has been slow of late - well that may explain the low level of losses recently!  That said we had some great fun with a Hoarder the other night having destroyed his ship first we then extorted some cash to allow him safe passage to pick up his PI products.  All in the life of a wealth redistribution technician.

Anyway - I flew out of the station admiring my new ship.  The Jag really is a thing of beauty and the extra tank is extremely useful to a pilot like myself of dubious skill.  I'd made several jumps heading towards a system which is usually very busy with game pilots.  It was no different on that day.  That said it was a while before I noticed a Wolf on D-Scan.  It was the only ship on 180 and, unlike most of the others, didn't seem to be just passing through.  'Ah-ha' I thought to myself - looks like the hunter is also the hunted.

Hitting a belt I noticed him warp in just behind me - not being one to allow others to dictate when and where I fight I bounced straight back out.  It was a little later that I bounced in to find him on a planet.  I had decided to risk a 6000 orbit with barrage.  Now, you'll know no doubt that a Wolf has an excellent falloff bonus so a 500 orbit with phased fusion would have been much better.  A quick fight and pod trip later and I know it too!   A loss isn't truly a loss if you take something from it by way of learning.

I have also recently invested in a Hurricane.  At a similar price to the Jag it didn't seem extravagant.  That said I've resolved with myself not to leave the station in it until I've the skills to fly it as it deserves rather than being a space borne paper bag.  I love the idea of an Arty fill Cane but have much to learn before I dare fly one out.

I now need to work on more solo kills to work up my databases in relation to successful tactics against varying types of hull.

I still have difficulty understanding how I chipped rocks for six months without experiencing PvP - I'm so glad I move the move out here.  I've made some new friends and the thrill of a solo or small group roam is not to be beaten.

On the most part I've found our vic... erm Customers to be most understanding.  Hey - you come to low sec space you ride the pony of risk.  Don't cry to me when it bucks you off.

Monday, 4 April 2011

Would you?

Ok - as you know I'm new to PvP - and EvE in general really only having played for 7 months.  I have to say though I wouldn't - would you?

We landed in system and scanned about - it had been a quiet night so hopes were not high.  Then we got a quick glimpse of the Maulus on a belt - worth a go - see if we could point him before he could get away.  It was my maiden voyage in my Jaguar so I was keen not to log off with a duck.  So - we got point on his frigate and destroyed it.  We missed the pod as I have an annoying habit of not being able to lock them up swiftly enough.  I've taken to disabling the AFB when I see the ship about to go but this doesn't seem to help.

So I was a little disgruntled that I'd missed the pod.  I do so look forward to hitting -10.00 a badge of some honour I feel.

In any event we looted the miserable cargo and heading to safe.  So whilst waiting out GCC we notice the same pilot return to system.  Surely not?  Quick scan reveals an Imicus on the same belt!  No - it can't be.

We warp in and there he is again - mining away zrrrrrrrrpp  zrrrrrrrrrrp.  So - we get point and begin to negotiate terms this time as I'm not evil and two deaths to the same pirates in the space of ten minutes would frustrate even me.  However, this doesn't go well.  The pilot has trouble understanding that we don't want money and are just keen to see him recite 'Mary had a Little Lamb' in local.  He took far too long to sing and so - yes - the autocannons opened up again.  This time however I DID point the pod and, well, the rest is history.  Perhaps not surprisingly he seemed to get the message after that and didn't come back... perhaps tonight?

Oh yes - on another note - I can now take a pod on a gate.  I sometimes encounter those who for whatever reason think it's a good idea to leave their pod on autopilot.  Sometimes they seem to hang about at gates.  I've now got a ship with a little more tank which enables me to target, align out and shoot as I run then warp.  It's usually enough time to take them out.  Joy!

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

First tears...

Sorry - just had to share - names removed to protect the 'innocent'...

M? > Hey
** > hi
**> for a mere 10 million isk you may leave in peace
M? > How bout you llick my balls you dick suckers
** > may I?
M? > Yea
**> do it
M? > Fucking kill me you f****** q*****
M? > I choose death you ass holes
M? > Ty
...If only people would pay - it's always honoured by us.

I know it's not great - and even uncouth but first tears so I just had to share.

And then yesterday this...

w? > seriously
warlord2 > assholes
ME > want to pay fer yer pod?
 w? > piss of
 w? > coward
w? > u think im scaared LOL LOL LOL
 ?> :|
w? > just very opinionated and u guys are pussys
ME> meow

Personally I just couldn't believe my luck seeing a Retriever on D Scan.  How the worm has turned :)  His Hobgoblin I's didn't touch me and he sank pretty easily.

Wish you were here?

With any luck and if the moons coincide I should manage to launch a Jaguar this weekend. 

Had some more luck earlier this week and whilst I didn't get any KM for it I did enjoy it.  Playing with my prober I located a frigate and a noob ship in close proximity.  I could tell from D scan that there was a POS close by but thought 'what the hell' and warped to 100 just to take a look in my cloakie.  Sure enough there was the POS but there was no shield.  Now, being new to this, I didn't know if that also meant that any guns were offline but I couldn't see any so warped in my Rifter - locked up both ships then vaporised the wrecks so no-one knew who to blame.  Seems odd to forget to fill up with fuel but I guess these things happen.  I was a bit disappointed not to get a KM but it was good scanning practice.

Fly safe until next time.

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Chance of Surviving an Encounter - 100%

I'm back - the last month has been a real roller coaster in EvE and what a ride!

It's only right to say at this stage that Zraltori is now an 'alt'.  My new main is currently drinking rum in a low-sec bar waiting to go out for a roam to see what's moving out in Placid.  Despite all my misgivings I've succeeded in passing an assessment covering the last four weeks which means that I've made it into what I feel is the best pirate corp in New Eden.  No names no pack drill yet.

Having gone into this process at the end of Feb with ZERO PvP experience I was not at all sure that I'd make it through.  To pass I would have to kill things - up to then things were killing me but I was struggling to return the favour.  I'd also have to earn quite a few million Isk in ransom.  D-Scan I thought was something which tuned a radio into your favourite channel.  It would be fair to say that when I first started I couldn't find a ferret in a small paper bag with a top of the range ferret-finder and a rabbit as back up.  BUT some weeks in and having learnt that it's all about where you position your scanning spots and then narrow it down I've actually begun to find ships.  This of course is a double edged sword as more ships mean more things to kill me.  That said I've managed to kill a Claw, Wolf and Kestrel on my own so far with my trusty Rifter.  I've nearly got what I'd think are reasonable enough skills to take out a Jag on a test flight which may increase my chances a little.  My ultimate aim is the fabled Hurricane - I love the look.

I've even dared to lead a corp roam in low sec.  On that occasion our scanners found an Iteron on a safe which we did try to ransom but the pilot refused all attempts to contact him both in his ship - and then his pod.  Shame really.  With my mates in the corp we've hunted and taken down a goodly number of ships.  Last night we managed to locate a Battleship which we did ransom for a reasonable amount.  I was disappointed that the poor pilot, having escaped us, then ran into a gate camp and lost his ship anyway.  I felt for him.  A bad night.

Another sideline I've started out on is a combat scanner to assist me to locate those who seek out safety in space.  He's into a covops now and is building skills.  So far he's great at finding ships in POS's and the voyeur in me enjoys watching those who don't know I'm there.  Eventually the aim is to use him to scan down targets approach with stealth and point whilst I warp in to engage.  Not yet though as I have no desire to lose two ships per engagement and, as my battleclinic signature tells you, if you engage me, you have a 100% chance of survival :)

Angular velocity?  Transversal?  All a mystery - tell me the faster I go the harder I am to hit - THAT I understand :) I do words not numbers so the maths game really does let me down.  That said I have to admit that I am loving small gang PvP.  Whilst I was in the ILN I just didn't get PvP at all.  I loved my mining operations and there was nothing nicer than sharing time with friends on the rocks.  Now I desire to be out on the hunt.  The adrenaline as you warp in to where you think a ship is is still intense and to find one is something else.  Then to engage and see its shields and armour dropping more quickly than yours - nothing better.  To point the pod?  unbeatable.  Ransom is also fun and most pilots appreciate a lyrical and polite approach.  It would really appear that it truly is a pirate's life for me - yarrr!

Thursday, 3 March 2011

15 Mins GCC

So - how are things going?

Well, I've been in low sec now for 4 days.  I've lost 'several' ships and killed a mighty Zero, 0, Nada.  That's right - I'm out for a duck.
So - my losses are running into millions.  Gate guns, Concord, POS guns and finally players have been dealing damage to me all week. Am I ready to give up?  Absolutely not.  I've found a fantastic bunch of players who really take what they do seriously.  I've already learned how to locate my targets (even if they then kill me) and I'm also coming to terms with what and who I should pick a fight with and who I need to leave well alone.  I've even been tricked into fleeting up with a pilot who then baited a trap with a corpie of his in a Retriever then they both popped my ship.  All really great stuff so far removed from what I've been used to in EvE.  Miners are on the whole a really accommodating bunch - PvPers are too - it's just that they WILL kill you given the chance - that's hard to do with a strip miner I guess.

Those who know me from the Uni may have noticed I've not been about as much.  I have but in a different persona which, to be fair, it's now safe to say, is my main. 

I am absolutely determined to make a good go of this as a career.  The thrill of the hunt is fantastic.  The closest I've come to achieving my first kill was last night when I located a Catalyst on a belt.  I warped to him then opened fire - but, BIG error, I webbed and Nos'd but did not SCRAM!?! - in the excitement I forgot - won't do that again! - I guess that's the point - I'm learning by doing and whilst the curve is so steep it needs a lift I'm hoping that eventually it will begin to level out.


Captain's cabin? - looks nice but what's the point? - that's not a whinge I'm just really interested in the answer to that question.


Blog banter this week was on Null sec - never having been I'm unable to comment with any authority - so won't :)


Ah well - the GCC has run down - time to go die again...

Until next time - you fly safe o7

Friday, 25 February 2011

How did you get into EvE?

That was the question from Laria Raven when I touted on the Tweetfleet for suggestions as to my next post.

The answer is a simple one in a way.  I'd been playing WoW for a year and used to download a Podcast called 'The Instance'.  As Cataclysm was due the hosts were talking about how they were filling their time in the run up to the new expansion.  They mentioned a game called 'EvE Online' and chatted about how they were filling their training queues.  I've been into MMOs for years having played Terris on AOL (text based) where I made it to be a sysops eventually.  Then EQ I for a while then a break for a few years.  I then finished a college course and fancied getting into gaming again.  That's when I found WoW.  Loved it really but when I reached 80 it ran out of steam for me.  Work commitments meaning that I couldn't commit to regular raids which seem to be the lifeblood of endgame - there were only so many times I wanted to kill the same zombies in the same snowy fields.

So - I thought I'd look at this 'EvE Online'.  I downloaded the client and started a trial account.  I was only a few days into it when I bought in.  When I first appeared in space I had no clue whatsoever.  I can honestly say that it's only through the efforts of friends whom I have met in New Eden that I know what I know now.  I also know that friends I have still to meet will teach me more.  A day spent without learning is a day wasted and never was this more true than in New Eden!

All these 'modules' and ships were mind blowing.  I've mentioned before about how seeing a mining barge open up on an asteroid field fueled my interest in the art of mining.  I had already begun listening to EvE podcasts and EvE Uni was mentioned as an excellent corp for a new player to get into.  I joined the queue and within a few weeks was a member.  From that point I did not look back.  I started some mining operations which, to my surprise, proved quite successful and I learnt much from those who came along such as Jen Loo and Cecilia.  It was mining which I put all my time and skills into for the first five months until I achieved my goal of an Orca and two Hulks.  This enabled me to be of some little use to Eve Uni and their operations. 

Then came Hulkageddon and a Tweetfleet conversation with Helicity Boson.  It was then that I decided that there was some truth in their words and that really there was more to be gained from experiencing new aspects of the game than whinging about them.  So I decided to go to the 'darkside' of PvP.  I'd always laughed at pew pew as I couldn't see the fun. OMG! 

Today I went one step further.  I knew this would mean absolute certain death but I fitted up a Rifter, headed into Empire Space and lit up a Retriever.  Now, it wasn't long before I was sailing my pod back to a station and I saw that I only made it through half of his shield but you know what?  The buzz was tremendous!  Later the same day I was scanning a 0.3 system and located a Velator - warped to it and my heart was thumping as I hit approach / Orbit and waited to get into Scram range.  The distance was closing then seemed to slow down, 'damn' I thought 'it's running'.  I made it into range and hit the Scram then lit up the auto cannons and nos - finally the web then watched as the shields, armour and structure evaporated.  Now, I know, it's a rookie ship.  My point is this though.  If killing that can give a player such a buzz what's it going to be like when I can go up against bigger and better ships and test my skills and fits against them?  I know I know nothing about PvP but I want to learn and I want to get better.  You lose a ship?  so what?  I've lost many already to some ridiculous fates (see below) but it's fantastic fun.

So what got me into EvE?  Mining and the friends I made on that path but also the depth and variety of the game.  Hopefully my experience may make some others reading this yearn to fit up a Rifter (or frig of their choice) and poke their nose into lowsec.  Go on - yes, it can be scary but damn it's fun! Likewise if you've never tried mining - give it a go - there are some great rock chippers out there.

Until next time - fly safe o7 and watch those timers!

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

'You're so bad!'

Doing my rounds the other night I landed on a belt to find a Cormorant and Hurricane. Being a little lilly livered still I bounced straight back out and called it in Corp.  I was joined by a battle seasoned compadre and we jumped back in.  My partner pointed the Cormorant.  They were the same corp we I fully expected the 'Cane to open up in defence but ranges probably were not in it's favour and it warped straight out.  Love to have been a fly on the wall in the post fight debrief there!

Anyway - now the lonely Cormorant was in structure and went 'BOOM!' leaving the pod.  Well, having just trained Prop Jamming to three I couldn't resist and pointed the pod.  Orbiting and keeping an eye on my overview for any returning 'Canes, other help or long distance damage if it was fitted for longer range battle I tried to open some conversation to broker a deal.

'Want to keep the pod?' - silence.

Corp Comms struck up - 'You're so bad man!' - I smiled.  Still no reply

Well, I couldn't wait all day could I?  I pressed the trigger.

Three 200mm Auto II's ripped into the pod and spat the pilot out of his goo into the frozen void of space.  Pausing only to pick up the corpse (I've decided to collect them) I warped out to a safe spot to sit out the GCC.  That's when my Corpie shouted up, 'Check you're Sec Status man!'  I was down to -2.8  Going to have to be careful soon as to where I fly.  Either that or just go for the red flashy and hang the consequences.

Did I feel any remorse?  Truthfully - No.  I wondered why a Corm' and 'Cane were in the system yes - what I did feel was disappointment to have missed the point on the 'Cane.  Still maybe next time.

So - I wonder now how it took me so long to wake up to the beauty that is PvP - that said I'm no Thug - I'll always offer a way out if I think I have the chance.  The path of the combatant is honourable not one of arrogance or pomposity.  So, with that, I go once again to die - I'll just be happy if it's under someone's guns and not a gate... again!

Saturday, 19 February 2011

70 Mil down the proverbial drain...

I felt like I’d arrived.  The Dram’ was fitted out and even though my skills were sadly lacking I was cruising in Low-sec looking for targets.  It’s not fair to say that I was getting desperate for a kill but I was definitely looking forward to it with enthusiasm.  Being new to the lark I was jumping between safe spots and the gates and spamming the directional scanner just like I’d begun to pick up from speaking with others who, unlike me, were used to shooting at things that shoot back.  After quite some time of lonely bouncing I got a Badger on scan – then I could see it!  Now – being new to this I didn’t get that sense of ‘Hmm this is unusual – why would he warp to me in an Indy?’  No No – I was pretty sure I was sitting on a safe spot and just assumed he’d hit the same bookmark – now we all know that the odds on that are slight in the extreme but hey, I’m new to this.  So – adrenaline pumping I thought about how silly the Badger pilot would feel and began to lock him up – then opened up with auto-cannons and drones.  THAT’S when it became clear that I was NOT in fact at a safe spot at all.  Nope, I was sitting on the gate and, for the second time this week, I lost a ship to gate guns.  This time though it was 80mil worth of Dram’ not just a Rifter.  So, another lesson learnt on my quest to experience something new.  At this rate I’ll need to mine non-stop for a month to replace my losses!!!!

The following night I was sorting out fittings and wishing skills would advance just that little bit more swiftly whilst sitting in the station.  Other corpies were out on patrol when the shout came up that a target was locked in the system.  I jumped in my Rifter (note I no longer fly the Dram’ as I am NOT feeling flush anymore!) and undocked.  I admired the sun glinting off the T2 200mm auto-cannons and fired up the DCII.  I plotted a course for the gate and jumped into the system.  Already fleeted up I warped to the point and locked up the target – it was nothing less than a Rupture with drones out.  It was already into structure as I opened up from well over my optimal range.  Within a few rounds it was exploding in a cloud of shrapnel and I began to clear up the drones.  I had made it onto a kill-mail!  Ok only for a very small amount of damage but there I was in black and white as an involved party.  Finally I had achieved my first step in the world of PvP.  Now I need to aspire to a final blow and a solo kill.  Those are some way away looking at my skills but I’m getting there.  I’ve got Mechanic 5 in the tubes now which will help along with maxing Electronics to up my cap time (from a matter of seconds!). 

This experimental sortie into PvP though has every potential to go horribly wrong.  By that I mean that the anticipation and adrenaline experienced during the hunt are really quite addictive.  I’m not sure that shooting rocks will ever feel the same again.  Once I get my skills up, who knows?  Perhaps I’ll step over the line and go outlaw…

On a serious note though I’ve heard much about ‘what’s wrong with low-sec’.  I think I understand in some small way now as traffic through the systems is extremely slow (where I am anyway) and for an aspiring true pirate (who would certainly honour ransoms) there are very sparse pickings.  I have wondered as have many others about how to make it more attractive to newer players and industrialists (I would certainly think twice about taking my mining boats into low-sec).  All I can think of is greed.  Make the ore you can find in there much more valuable than the high-sec cousins.  Match reward to risk.  I’m sure there are other more eloquent options which in my inexperience I’m not yet aware of but that’s just my first thought.

On another note again FlashFresh from that well know pirate corp has mooted the idea of a drunken roam with Tweetfleeters.  I’m up for that if they need gate gun fodder!

Until next time – fly safe!

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Yarrrrrrr..... oops.

An excerpt from the diary of a trainee pirate - so wet behind the ears they have to wear a towel as a scarf...

The warning flashed up on the HUD - Concord can't protect you in here.  I chuckled, 'great!' and jumped.  Adrenaline pumping I checked local. Two pilots.  Checking their history I saw they were over three years old and began to lose my enthusiasm.  Time means skills.  Something I am desperately short on.  Still, here I was in lowsec and actually enjoying the feeling.  So, what to do?  Some old habits die hard and I thought I'd head to the asteroid belts to see what goodies there were there.  Two Angel frigs warped in behind me so I thought I'd try my guns out - I do so enjoy the rattle of projectile weapons in the morning - sounds like 'victory!' - so much more satisfying that the whine of lasers.  Anyways so busy was I listening to the guns that I assumed the targeting warning was from the Angels... WRONG.

Hmm shields vanishing... finally a quick check on the OV shows me a Dramiel. Bugger.  Warp Warp Warp.... 'External factors are preventing...' Double bugger... POP.  Well,  I'm a great believer in learning from experience so actually enjoy being in a scrap as I learn something new each time.  I thanked my attacker kindly for the fight (again no point being other than sociable - it's a game after all) and flew back to pick up a new ship.  Glad was I that in anticipation of many deaths I'd rigged a few Rifters for just this eventuality so no time wasted.

Being killed by something makes me want to own it - so, freighter dispatched to Hek and a Dram picked up.  I fitted it up (with a secret ingredient) and flew back to the system.  Again I headed out to the belts to see what would happen.  Lo and behold in pops the Dram.  Here's another newb error - I'd learnt Drones to take advantage of the bay and bearing in mind all my toons can use tech two drones I'd forgotten I needed to learn it up to four to use the capacity of the bay.  So one lonely drone launches into space... bother.  Anyways my shields were again vanishing and, bearing in mind that this ship cost me 70 mil and not just 250k I thought discretion was indeed the better part of valor - cue my secret weapon...

'Warp Drive Active' hehehe I waved in local as my space dust spat up in the face of my attacker.  Now, some may say that this was a cowardly act (fitting a stab).  Personally I was pleased to have saved my cash and also that I'd learnt from my previous encounter that my skills we such that I needed to have an option B.  On this occasion I used it and it felt good.

What still seems to be eluding me is my first kill.  I can now use T2 guns so things are improving. 

The hunt goes on...

In other news I have just found out that I've been added to the Player Blog Roll by Crazykinux.  This is a great honour - I wasn't sure anyone but me read this! Thanks to him for putting me up there.  I look forward to a long and happy association wherever the game takes me.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Just a quickie...

This one is aimed at all those pew pew vets out there from a noob used to shooting at rocks which don't shoot back.

So - there I was in low sec with my top secret soon to be I hope perhaps pirate.  I was bored so I thought as mischief I'd take a few pot shots at a GSC secured in the roid belt.

There is was - a global criminal cool down!  At last I had the yellowy orangy thing I'd dreamt of showing on the OV.  Then I got bored again because the thing just wouldn't blow up.  So, I decided to move on.  Now, I know what you'll all be screaming at your monitors... but, no.  Of course I didn't think of it, I've never had to.  So I rolled up at the jump gate ready to hop back into high sec when 'Boom Boom - Pop'  I just smiled.  Always best for me to learn from experience.  Always has been, always will be.

The moral?  Only a buffoon tries to jump out before waiting for their Global Criminal Cool down (GCC) to expire.

So endeth this lesson...

Sunday, 6 February 2011

It finally happened...

I'd made one trip with no incident.  I was watching local and checking each pilot who dropped in.  Yes, I was finally in low sec.  Lasers ripping into some Kernite and planning what to do with the profits.

The scanners were showing an excellent deposit of the stuff and I'd rigged for cargo so could manage a few cycles before hauling back.

There were only three of us in local - one was what I considered to be an ally.  I missed the pilot appearing.  The first I knew they were on my overview, the next I was scrambled and their drones were out. Hmm ok - so I'd been told not to take a Hulk into Low sec and now I was kicking myself that I'd not even bothered fitting a core stabiliser which, right now, may be making the difference between life and death.  Ah well, all part of the rich tapestry which is life I thought.  So, deploy the Hobgob IIs - at best they may distract the pirate and at least not die in the blast without having the chance to fight.  So, off they went to their certain deaths and sure enough five pops later they'd gone.  The Dramiel still there with their drones chipping away now at my armour.

Still trying to spam the warp button it became clear that I was going nowhere at which point I became concerned for my pod.  So, in my newbness I self destructed - thinking that this way it wouldn't be obvious when my pod was appearing and I warped out to a celestial then back to the gate and away - minus one Hulk and fittings.  So, now I knew that what I'd been told was correct.  Take a mining vessel into lowsec and you've a good chance of being attacked.  The sad thing?  It was a thrill.  The pilot was most friendly and didn't rub salt in my stupidity at all, even offering links to PvP guides.  So now I'm saving again.

However, do you believe in fate?  The following day I went back to the same belt and happened upon a player's wreck.  Clearly a victim themselves.  The cargo was nicely full of goodies of which I availed myself and returned to Hi-Sec to sell them - at least making some of my loss back.

In relation to the above I should again point out that E-Uni does NOT condone any form of piracy and any such action is not done on my Uni account.  I'm not going 'bad' just following Helicity Boson's advice to experience something new and make something out of Hulkageddon.  A little bit of something different does us all good :)

Saturday, 5 February 2011

'A bottle of rum to fill my tum...'

SO a quick update on progress.

I have created the avatar and they are holed up in High Sec learning some basic skills.  With the time given I can't expect to be an Uber damage dealer so I'm going to have to hope that I can find some eggshells to crack - to be fair even dying lots (which I certainly anticipate) will bring some learning which is what this is all about for me.  I'm not saying I'm going to have a career change or even put much time into this alt following Hulkageddon but this is a chance to try another facet of Eve for me which I intend to grab whilst still clearly completing my admin tasks for the Uni.

So - no surprises that I went for Mim as a race.  I've got myself a Rifter and have fitted it with basic autocannons.  I've got a disruptor, webifier and afterburner all of the lowest type (they're very rusty and the disruptor sparks when I fire it up!) but they're all I'm going to be able to fit for now.  Just waiting on the skills to put something into the low slots.  I'm thinking a DC I - I need a co-processor - then some tank?  Any suggestions most happily received - Haxxi - you reading this? :-)

Once I think I can fire everything I have and spark up the modules I'll make a move into low sec.  I really have never done this so am at a loss as to know where to start - should I perhaps try some can flipping first to see if I get a reaction or just hunt out an Indy or something to web and pop?  Again - set me a task and I'll see what I can do :-)


On a more civilised note - I'm now a few days into my job as Mining Manager at the Uni.  If I thought people gave their time to help others before on staff I now know that the staff really do give up a lot of their own time to help out and run the Corp.  It's fantastic to be part of that team and in time I'm looking forward to feeling like I'm pulling my weight.  At present I'm still getting to grips with process.  I've managed to sort out some loaner ships - for those that don't know we have a scheme where we supply mining or hauling ships to members to enable them to save up the cash to purchase their own.  This is a free service.  All we ask is that the ships and modules are returned in good order at the end of the loan period.  This scheme has helped countless new miners get into their barges and exhumers more quickly than they may have managed on their own. 

Ultimately that's also the goal of our mining operations which apportion a share of the profits based on the time you spent on the operation not on what you are flying so those in frigs and cruisers get the same share as the Hulk pilots.  Again this is aimed at helping those newer to the noble art find their feet and get into the better ships.

With the approach of Hulkageddon I think official ops may well be wound down this week to allow for the more 'premature' gankers.  So we'll look forward to getting back on the fields later this month.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

'Money Money Money, Must be funny...' Of Iskies and Piracy in Space...

Ok - it's out and you can download it here - http://www.isktheguide.com/

Now having had a quick look there would appear to be a veritable flood of information aimed at stemming your Isk drought.  I'm a new player and will certainly be looking to download a copy onto the old 'e-reader'.

The latest ep of 'Lost in Conversation' is up on the usual sites for download.  The chat this week centred on the views of those present (all bloggers) on new developments in Eve.  Namely what to expect from 'Incarna' and the pros and cons of developing new material when compared to polishing that which is already in the public domain - the Eve we love.  The panel also got to talking about Low and Null Sec space and the similarities and differences between them.  This all got me to thinking about my experience in Eve so far. 

Almost since day one I've been told that PvP 'rocks' and that it's one of the 'mainstays' of the game.  I've been content to fire on rocks safe in the knowledge that that they don't shoot back and I genuinely enjoy the social aspect of mining not to mention the Iskies it generates.  That said I have been interested recently to hear of the adventures of 'Jade' from LiE who has taken up the gauntlet and, for now, abandoned his Orcas for Rifters and his 'roid fields for gate camps.  I've found his tales of piracy most intriguing and it got me to thinking that there may well be something in this PvP hype.  Now I need to make it clear that Zraltori would never consider such nefariousness and both his brothers of course are far too busy to dabble in such things.  There was a need therefore to expand the family which has been done.  Another driver to this was a 'Twitter' convo between myself and Helicity Boson in which it was suggested that 'victim' was a state of mind and how she couldn't understand why people didn't 'do' more with the experience of 'Hulkageddon'.  So, this year I will do something.... and this is the plan...

I shall for part of the period of Miner's Holiday this year do just that - take a break from mining (of course I will continue to fulfill the duties of my role on staff within the Uni - I'm just speaking about the actual act of mining itself)  During this time I shall fly out the newest member of the family into lowsec.  By this time I'm hoping that I can work them up to basic Frig skills with some support (but not a lot!!) So I'll be eggshell thin - but with nothing to lose :-)  I shall use the enforced holiday to experience something new - do something different and see how it goes.  After all, as has been mentioned, Eve is a game and, like life, I now believe, 'Quod Potes Tenta' - Try all that you are able to.

Now I'm not sure if anyone actually reads this but here's my request.  If you are a member of a pirate corp and are in need of cannon fodder then by all means Evemail Zraltori in game and he can put you in touch with his nefarious kin.  After all - I think I'll need all the help I can get!!

As the time approaches I will outline my training and how the first flights go.  I have to say I'm quite excited at the prospect which must mean it's a good thing... or does it?

Fly safe.

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Hulkageddon - Second Helping...

Hulk Smash Rocks

You know I said I sit on the fence?  Last post was almost a fall from grace but I've had some time to think.  By definition since those who partake in the event enjoy it - were anyone to seek to stop them doing it then that activity could also constitute 'griefing' if you stick to the term as outlined in the previous post.  So, at risk of being so labelled I felt a need to step back and consider...

It was a little rash of me to liken New Eden to real life.  When all is said and done Eve is a game and it's there to be enjoyed.  Rather than chelp (Yorkshire speak for moan) and whine about Hulkageddon there is more fun to be had I think in considering ways to circumvent it and perhaps adapt to survive and experience the satisfaction of seeing your would be assassins popped by Sergei of Concord (credit to Lost in Eve).  At the end of the day the loss of a ship has no real impact.  At worst it means you'll need to spend a little time on the rocks to replace it if the Isk isn't already in your bank.  There are also other things you can do with your time whilst not mining such as mission running, trading or merely socialising.   Meanwhile there is a large following of the event with great support and dedicated organisation which really boosts interest in the game and the enjoyment to be had out of it for many players - I now think that this can't be a bad thing.  In fact I think it's great to see people willing to put themselves out to organise the thing.  Kudos.  I'll work out something to do whilst it's on I'm sure.  Who knows - in a few years I may have the skills to try and counter it a little - now, that would be fun :)


So - I also mentioned that I'd look at what I've got in the training queues of my pilots.  I'm working on a back story for the three - hell I've been playing RPGs since I was but young so you can't expect me not to at least touch my forelock to roleplay even if it doesn't feature too much in my playstyle at present - Zraltori is the older brother of a strict Amarr family. Hard work ethic and religious dedication led him to an industrial path.  His brother Jahkin tries to match up with his success but is less worried about detouring from his religious background and the younger sibling Adoniram could well go off the rails at any time - in fact don't be surprised if he ends up joining a pirate corp at some point - he's a troublesome one that!

Zraltori - is currently training Mining Director 5.  Following this will be Warfare Link Spec 5 which together will take care of about the next month.  After that I'm taking a 'pvp' break and looking at getting into an Inty for ILN fleet work and a bit of variety.

Jahkin is currently being trained as a mission runner - mainly for standings at present as he's also my refiner - he's into his battleship but now learning how to use it.  It's a but like me getting into a rally car.  I could drive it with no problem but could I really DRIVE it?  nope.

Adoniram is training Amarr Indy 5 then will get into his freighter.  I'm going to use him for runs of minerals to Hek to start with.  I'm not sure though - looking at him I can't help but think I risk him going off the rails at some point!

As always Haxxi is working overtime to keep me on track - although I STILL insist on mixing my tanks! (I'll learn).


Lastly - anyone else pleased they moved 'Dock' from the bottom of the menu?  I know I am :o)

Fly safe friends!

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

A Considered Response... Hulkageddon.

Hulkageddon seems to be getting a few pilots a little heated under the jump suit (disclaimer - not all pilots wear jumps suits - merely those stuck in the 1970s).  I've kept quiet really as I'm constantly aware of my 'noobness' but I've been giving some thought to the ideas.

'Griefer' - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Griefer

Now, I know this initial gambit will probably inflame some and I need to make it clear that I can see both sides to this particular facet of Eve.  It's probably a background in law which means I rarely come off the fence.  Each coin has two sides. 

So, that said... 'Griefers'...  I know Wikipedia is NOT an academic be all and end all but I thought perhaps it offers a good starting point.  The definition above (just to avoid the need for you to check it if you're stuck for time) includes:- 'Any methods of reversing another player's progress' and, 'Saying or doing something just to irritate, upset or otherwise harass someone.'  I would suggest that, as a miner who 'minds' his own business in High Sec - Hulkageddon ticks both of those boxes and so could be defined as 'Griefing' if we accept the definition and descriptors.

SO now I go to Wictionary - again I know not a hallowed source of academic knowledge but hey... the definition of 'Griefer' is gven as,
  1. (online gaming) One who griefs: a player who plays a game primarily to reduce other players’ enjoyment of it.
So, again, as a miner does Hulkageddon reduce your enjoyment of the game?  If so then those who gank you in space could be described as 'Griefers'.

One view then - the actions of the Gankers in their pursuit of pleasure reduce the enjoyment of the law abiding miner by forcing them to potentially give up what they enjoy for the duration of the event.  This effectively reduces or reverses their progress and, it could be argued, exponentially reduces their enjoyment of their gaming time.  Thus, you are griefing them.  No two ways about it.

I mentioned the other side of the coin...

I've seen it written that the event acts as a purge on botters.  Speaking as a miner there is clearly great value in this.  The consequent reduction in such activity would inevitably lead to a scarceness of resources and an associated rise in price - a good thing for all us rock chewers! 

In addition it has been said that Eve is a 'sandbox' so 'anything goes'.  Yep.  Most definitely Eve is just that but so is society.  If, God forbid, I come home tonight and find that my house has been burgled and my computer stolen do I think,' Hey, you know, no problem life's a sandbox the guy that did this has just as much right to burgle my house and steal my computer as I have to go out to work to earn the money to buy it in the first place.'  OR do I think, 'That's just not right, this behaviour has no place in a just society.'  Personally I'd go for the latter.  Life and Eve is not black and white.  As I am on the staff now at Eve Uni and I do need to point out that these views are my own and are not associated with the Corp at all of which who's rules and SOPs I am happy to be bound, but, yes in my view those who partake in Hulkageddon shouldn't try to present it as anything other than what it is.  An open season on people who they consider to be lesser than them in some way as they're not partaking in PvP.  That seems to be like discrimination... now don't get me started on that! :) and as such reflects the dark side of society.  Fun to them, not to me.  My final point is - we have as much right to be angry about your actions as you feel you have to take them.  Don't then deride them as 'tears' - it's more justifiable chagrin.  Don't minimise it in your embarrassment.  (Oops - I think I just fell off the fence!)

So this got me thinking - I've got some Isk in the bank and I can't be the only one.  Clearly I could not be involved in this in anyway but, just say some rich industrialists got together to speak with Noir or another effective Merc corp.  Is it justice to set them on the organisers and participants or does that make us as bad as them?  Discuss.


Next post - what's in your training queues - and why?

Oh and PS - this is the new Jahkin, a slightly less Thuggish looking industrialist than his younger brother (I hope!)

Monday, 24 January 2011

New role.

I was promoted to Mining Manager for the Uni yesterday.  I was delighted with the news and am really looking forward to getting stuck in to some fleets.  My first few weeks I think will be taken up with getting to grips with the admin in the role as well as some stock taking - then Hulkageddon hits (you won't catch me crying about that - sniff).  After that it will be all systems go!

I'd like to thank the Uni for the faith they've shown in me as well as all those who I've really enjoyed flying with up to now.  The new role is a real responsibility and I'm looking forward to the challenges I know that it will bring.

This week may see a shortage of visibility and postings though as RL work intrudes - roll on the weekend.

Just as an aside I am now on Twitter and the #Tweetfleet - you can find me at...


Sunday, 23 January 2011

Hulkageddon 4

Picked up from HelicityBoson on Twitter it would appear that dates are perhaps being set for this year's event.
19-28 Feb is mentioned.

I'm still wondering on how to try and vex the plans of the barge hunters but to be honest, this year, I don't think my skills are up to anything useful so I may be forced to sit it out.  That said I still haven't discounted the idea of hiring some mercs to take out the organisers :)

Anyways - since we're all doing it - below is the last in the series of new 'mugshots'.  This is Adoniram Bo'az.  The younger and more 'gnarly' brother of Jahkin and Zraltori.  He's heading for a freighter and will be my trader so I wanted to go for a look that said - 'That's my best price.  Take it or leave it.'

I actually think I've also got, 'and I'll pod you and steal it back as soon as you undock' but that wasn't intentional :)

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Mining Operation 20 Jan

No matter how often I set up mining fleets I never get tired of the fun to be had.

It's something you love, hate or tolerate in order to get a bit of Isk.  For me the mining fleet is a true expression of the reasons a number of us play MMOs.  Social interaction, a bit of fun, all coupled with a shared purpose.  That shared purpose usually nets us around 6 mil for a couple of hours.  Not millionaires Rodney but it's fun getting it and we don't hurt a soul - well, apart from the odd Angel who happens upon us in the belts.

So - imagine my surprise when I read the latest entry on Paul Clavet's Blog - 'My Loot, Your Tears' - http://www.mylootyourtears.com/  It would appear he's offering a Plex to anyone who can take out three Hulks - and this so close to the 'shut down' month of Feb this year when Hulkageddon runs.

So - I'm wondering... what if we fought back?  What if we miners took our destinies in our hands and rigged and fitted for battle?  After all, we just need to stay alive long enough for Concord to PoP the pilots who consider taking on a mining barge is fun.  Or what if we clubbed together to put a price on the pirate's head?  Or even considered putting a few quid into hiring a decent Merc corp to take care of the 'funsters'.

Now, get me not wrong.  If it were a mission to rid systems of botters I'd jump into my combat ships and take a few out myself with a smile on my face.  But we're talking about preventing those of us who enjoy mining from partaking in our pass time for around a month.  All I'm wondering about is what we could do to return the favour.

So, come on industrialists - who would consider it good sport to set some wolves on the wolves? The Bear fights back!

On another note - I saw a tweet from our CEO Kelduum Revaan which suggests he's considering running for CSM in this year's election.  Now, I've only been a member of E-Uni since September but I've already seen how much this corp helps pilots both new and old.  Kelduum heads up that organisation and keeps it ticking to enable the good works to continue.  Yes, without doubts it's a team effort but every team needs a leader to set direction and maintain momentum.  I say 'yes' to this proposed candidacy and hope that my voice is not alone in support of Kelduum should he decide to run for office.

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Hmm - not sure?

During a mining op tonight I promised to put up a larger pic of my alt Jahkin Bo'az.  I need a view on whether he appears somewhat lopsided OR if he has a laconic grin coupled with a Sean Connery eyebrow thing going on.... again, any views please? (to avoid any confusion I was aiming for the latter - not the former).

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

OOps I did it again...

Ok - you know I said I wanted a more friendly look.

It's fair to say I didn't achieve it.

What I appear to have hit upon is another wealthy looking slightly mafiosi looking 'Don' figure.  I'm not sure if the muses are trying to tell me something - perhaps I should quit mining and head on to lowsec for trial by fire and seek what is clearly my true destiny as a leader of organised crime!!

Anyway - here it is...

I'd be really and truly grateful for some comments - as you'll see if you follow Twitter CCP_Hammer has just let us all know that we'll get a 'free' go at this.  That's to say that if you think you've made a mess we'll all have a chance to rectify any mistakes - just one chance then it's final - until no doubt they CCP introduce micro-transaction remodels in the future.

So - please - let me know - what do you think?

Tuesday, 18 January 2011


Well - I had really hoped to be able to post a 'before' and 'after' on the new avatar creator.  However, it's looking like a 3-4 hour download so - for now...


So you can see - a melancholy looking religious fanatic. 

Perhaps sometime later this week I will finally get the chance to unveil the 'new' me!

Until then - fly safe.



On another note - I'm now on Twitter - @BreakinRocks

I'll be twittering shortly... I already do according to family...

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Plastic Surgery Scheduled for 18 January 2011

So it's set in stone (ish) - we'll get the chance to mess with the outside of our heads and not just the inside following the deployment on 18 January.

I for one am really looking forward to setting myself a new image. 

As I've hinted at before I'm not altogether happy with the portrait I currently have - it's just not me. 

At this time though I can't help but start to speculate on the use of the new avatars when Incarna finally lands later this year.  I played WoW for a year and have memories of players 'hanging out' in places like Stormwind and Dalaran.  Will Jita turn into such a place?  Will folks stop flying to concentrate instead on their Neocom 'Facebook' (TM)?

If they're miners then good luck to them - more rocks for me :)

Initially I was concerned that this may mean that Eve would lose that 'difference' which led me to abandon WoW and move to New Eden but now I'm curious to see how it develops.  As Jade on 'Lost in Eve' mentioned in one episode Eve appears to be a community made up of many societies.  The move to Incarna may add to the depth and variety of these societies and enmesh even more players in the social side of the game which really makes it for me.  Of course the solo players will still be there - lurking at the back of the bar with a soda :)

Any thoughts?

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Eve Blog Banter #24 - Who are you?

  Welcome to the twenty-fourth installment of the EVE Blog Banter, the monthly EVE Online blogging extravaganza created by CrazyKinux. The EVE Blog Banter involves an enthusiastic group of gaming bloggers, a common topic within the realm of EVE Online, and a week or so to post articles pertaining to the said topic. The resulting articles can either be short or quite extensive, either funny or dead serious, but are always a great fun to read! Any questions about the EVE Blog Banter should be directed to crazykinux@gmail.com. Check for other EVE Blog Banter articles at the bottom of this post!

This month's Banter topic comes to us from the ever helpful Eelis Kiy, capsuleer behind the "Where the frack is my ship" blog. She asks: How does your real life personality compare to who you are as a character in EVE? Does a good leader of people in the real world make a good leader of pilots in game? Or vice-versa? Do your real-life skills help you with the roles you fulfill in your corporation or alliance? Or do you behave completely differently? Does the anonymity of the Internet allow you to thrive on the tears of others in New Eden whilst you work as a good Samaritan away from your keyboard? Or are you as mean outside of your pod as you are inside it? Have experiences in EVE Online affected your behavior, skills or attitudes outside of the game?

So - where to begin.

After the first few days I wanted to be a pirate - I really did.  I even started a Mim alt to begin the training.  It's just that I couldn't do it.  I flew into low sec - there were some targets I could have locked but just couldn't bring myself to do it.  So, I flew back - reloaded Zral and stumbled down the path of a miner who is genuinely keen to share what little he knows with others.  Shooting at rocks seems 'right' somehow where shooting at other players who may not have done me any wrong seems a little 'wrong'.  Now I need to point out here that this does NOT mean that I have an issue with people who do those things.  One of the great things about Eve is that it can and does reflect real life.  People make their living in different ways but we were all young once - we share a common heritage and the only issue may be that a one point our paths diverged to bring us to where we are now.

How does this compare with real life?  Well, my job involves helping people so my role as an Assistant Mining Manager fits in there.  Why do I feel so at home in Eve Uni?  Well, I have an interest in study and have recently completed a second degree.  It feels like home being in Uni :)  It just feels right.  In real life I REALLY cannot understand people who drop litter and in Eve I HAVE to salvage or destroy my wrecks. 

I suppose what I'm trying to say is that I really did try to play something that I wasn't.  I really wanted to tread a different path.  But, try as I might, I just couldn't do it.  Zral is pretty much me - boring eh?  Who knows - in time maybe I'll break those bonds with personal propriety and head into lowsec to lock up someone for profit.  At the moment I sincerely doubt it though.

How about you?

Friday, 14 January 2011

You learn something new...

Following on from Memoocan's post on 'Progression's Horizon' (see links).

A useful little gem of information was imparted to me in a recent class.

If you are in a hurry to warp to somewhere - you know, you're likely to be at one third hull and sweating.  You right click on space and the cursor just won't stay on where you need to be and you end up warping out of the frying pan into the fire?

If you right click on space then left click on where you want to be whilst holding down <ctrl> then the item stays selected and isn't affected by your 'I'm about to die' shakes.  This works as you select different options in the menu if you keep <ctrl> depressed.

A useful bit of information which has subsequently made my life somewhat easier.

Thursday, 13 January 2011

More money can't be a bad thing...

The New Player Guide

For those who haven't picked up on this.  A new guide is about to be published in a free PDF form.  (Credit to Crazykinux for his posting.) - link below.

In short the guys have been working for many months to bring together a definitive guide for the new player.  As a member of Eve Uni this sounds like a great idea to me.  Something to read in those first few days and hours to compliment the Eve Uni Wiki cannot be a bad thing and will only help to keep people in the game who may otherwise have given up on the 'K2' style learning curve.

Credit to the guys who have produced the guide and I wish them well with the printed premium version which will be available from the Eve store later this year.

If you're interested in getting hold of a copy of the guide head over to the Eon Site and check out the latest news on the publication.  Again credit to Laci and Mermalior for taking the time to complete this labour of love and to Eon for publishing what looks like a great companion to the game.

Lost In Eve - Season 3 - New Episode is out.


Get it from your usual favourite source - I can't over state how good this podcast is. 

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Monday, 10 January 2011

At War - 'Wait for my Signal - then unleash Hell!'

We're at war again.  Although I should point out that this time things are slightly different - please see the latest post of Azmodeus Valar in the blog 'Insanity by Increments' for a great outline of circumstances.  That said - I was interested in outlining my views around the reverse of circumstances - when we find ourselves Wardec'd and why someone may wish to place us in that position...

It seems to happen with irregular monotony (work that out).

A few personal thoughts... 

I'm not sure why anyone would wish to declare war on a voluntary institution dedicated to assisting new players to Eve.  Surely all of the player base is advantaged by larger player numbers?  If new players see that more experienced pilots like targeting new players are they likely to stay?  That said, if it IS a griefing tool then, as such,  it's worthless.  Standard Wartime Operating Procedure means that no mining or missioning is permitted which may be a consideration for those who Declare war - perhaps they think it's fun to curtail others enjoyment of the game?  BUT students are able to drop corp for the duration of the war with no negative effect and then rejoin following hostilities so, no gain there for the grief squad as anyone who wants to can continue to mine or mission under an NPC corp.

The number of members which E-Uni has means that most of the time we outnumber our enemies 100-1.  We cover most of the world's timezones so can usually field a decent number of that advantage.  Contrary to popular belief rather than being confined to station the players who remain in Uni are baying to be released in fleet to confront those who have declared war.  Yes we are inexperienced and fly T1 Frigates for the most part but where one Piranha would take a week to eat a cow a shoal can do it in seconds.

Easy kills?  Nope - refer to point one about mission and mining craft being grounded.  You won't get easy kills to boost your board.  Also, let's face it - if anyone sees that your kills and efficiency are being buoyed up by E-Uni ships and pods are they likely to be impressed?  You took out a 2 month old player in a T1 Frig -<applause> - I'm not sure this proves your effectiveness as a pirate / merc corp (delete as appropriate).

In any event - despite it perhaps being a tad inconvenient on the most part what war DOES offer is variety.  You will know by now that I am a miner at heart and enjoy nothing more that staring at walls of Plagio as they slowly crumble down.  That said we all enjoy a change and, in times of war, I am a tea boy for the Ivy League Navy (ILN).  That is to say I'm on the bottom rung of the ladder but keen to learn.  When the call to arms comes I too will fleet up in my T1 Frigate.  Keen to get a point on the enemy of my friend.  I'm working on skills that may one day perhaps even make me good at it.

So, whilst I can't quite understand why anyone would wish to wardec the Uni.  I cast aside my confusion, draw on my fashionable Oakley's of targeting +1 and say - 'here we go again...'

Avatar Creator - The Masks of Zraltori

Over the last few days I've read posts on the blogs of both Memoocan and Laria Raven amongst others about the avatar creator which is currently live on the test server and which we can expect to hit Tranquility some time this month.  I have to say that up to now I've not been especially excited by the prospect of a 'facelift' but having read the aforementioned posts I'm beginning to get interested.

I carry a certain amount of regret about the portrait I finally chose to Zral'.  Four months on and I don't feel that it accurately reflects the persona which has developed in game for the character.  The portrait says brooding and secretive megamind (well I think so anyway :)).  The persona however is somewhat different.  In hindsight I'd have gone for a more open and friendly design.  Well, thanks to CCP I don't have to rue the decision and live with it.  This isn't real life after all!  So now I'll be able to break open the scalpel and take advantage of a second chance.

I don't access the test server so will happily wait until the facility becomes available on Tranq.  When it does I will make sure to take a reasonable time to design something which I feel reflects what Zral' has become in the short time he's been piloting in New Eden.  I wonder if 'L' plates are a costume option?

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Mining Operations

My first dual Orca mining operation was a daunting prospect.  I was under no illusion.   I knew very little, had no real boost and lacked the ability to haul the profits... so - why did I do it?

I did it because I wanted to help. I was keen to assist those mining in cruisers to make it into barges and those in barges to make it into Exhumers.  I know how expensive the skill books are let alone the ships!

In addition I also relished the opportunity to learn from my fellow students.  Within a few minutes of the op going live we had around 14 Unistas mining and, no pressure, I was responsible for the fleet.  I'd flown in a couple of Ivy League Navy fleets and been very impressed indeed by the discipline and organisation.  This was different though.  I wanted an open mic really - to allow for everyone to socialise and chat about the ins and outs of mining, mining yields and the noble art of refining.  The first thing I had to be sure of was that we had rocks to mine.  I'd scouted the belts earlier and now made the trip in my Orca - luckily the rocks were still there ready to be harvested.

So - with the belts bookmarked for Orca warp in points, off we went.  Once we were on the belt and mining lasers lit up it was my job to ensure that not only was all the ore secured but also transported back to the station.   This op was the first time I'd taken responsibility for boosting and hauling myself.  The miners made really good progress on the ore and my time was taken up with monitoring the Boost Orca hold and moving ore between that and the hauling Orca to ensure that the miners were able to continue to deposit their ore.  On top of that I was having to tractor in the cans of those who were too far away to drop directly into the Orca.  When I thought I was getting on top of it I then noticed several cans out in space which needed to be tractored in.  Being a new experience I felt like a duck out of water and I don't think I looked up from the screen for the duration of the Op!  That said, I managed to ensure that all the mined ore was conveyed back to the station and refined.  Thanks to Xolani1990 for that.

The operation went on for over two hours.  On completion, and following refining, I used an Orca to haul the resulting minerals to Hek.  I had previously been unable to do this due to lack of skills.  I have to say that the difference between selling in Aldrat and Hek was actually quite considerable and will ensure that in the future I will always move the minerals to the trade hub to get the best price for the miners. 

Once the minerals are sold it's the Fleet Commander's (FC's) responsibility to distribute the profits in accordance with time spent on the operation.  To ensure this was done equitably I use Genn's mining spreadsheet.  This works out from the total amounts made how much each miner or hauler is owed based on the time they spent on the mining operation.  I then distribute those profits using the Eve contacts and Evemail system.  When this is done my work is over and I can plan the next operation. 

Some have suggested in the past that this job (FC) warrants a greater share of the profits but my own personal belief is that the satisfaction for performing this role is drawn not from Isk but from knowing that you are helping others to make it in their chosen profession.  The money that they are making is helping them into their barges and exhumers and, once they have them, then they too will help those who follow them to do the same.

It's fair to say that I was really worried to start with that I'd be able to handle running an operation at all.  I still consider myself new to the game and I really did appreciate the help I was given by those more experienced in the career.  I was never made to feel 'small' but I was offered advice and help whilst engaged in the operation which contributed to its success.  Again this is testament to the nature and camaraderie of the Uni.

So, minerals being sold I was able then to send out the cash.  The moral of the story being - If I can do it - so can anyone :o)  Sometimes you need to risk something to prove something to yourself and managing the fleet successfully was a real confidence boost.  I was very happy to have been able to help.  I have learned a lot from all the operations that I've run.  None of them have been perfect.  The nature of Eve though is that each time they become better.  Be that through more advanced skills or experience alone.
The operation on 6 Jan was made even more interesting by the appearance of a former War Target in the asteroid field.  Despite laying out a jet can he appeared unwilling to show any aggression and we were allowed to warp from the field at the end of the operation without incident.

Thanks to all those who came along - I look forward to many repeats.

So - we are now arrived at where I am now.  I am an Assistant Mining Manager in the Uni.  As such it's my responsibility - and honour - to arrange mining operations for the University Students to assist us all in making some Iskies to further our plans.  I love it.  What I learn from my friends on the rocks really assists me in my game and, I hope, they also enjoy the operations we run together.

Now that I've covered my background in Eve to some degree it's my intention to begin to concentrate on events and updates in the game as they happen and to give a miner's eye view on the world of New Eden as it appears to me.  I hope that my observations are of interest...