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Thursday, 19 May 2011

Blog Suspended


Well - it's happened - I guess I've covered what I wanted to.  My move to piracy. 

Now I want to concentrate on flying and having some more fun!

Thanks to all who've taken the time to read my ramblings.

Who knows - maybe I'll be back, but I doubt it.

If anyone wants to get in touch in game then Evemail Zraltori and he'll put us in touch.

Fly safe and, most importantly - have fun!

Sunday, 8 May 2011

How I got to 100 kills and my celebrity death...

Last night my pirating netted me my 100th kill.  I never thought I'd make it but here we are.  All those needless deaths and stupid mistakes but I'm actually managing a 2/1 kill death ratio now which, especially to me, seems amazing - in the truest sense!

Yes, there are some 'easy' pots in there such as the odd cyno and AFK pod on a gate here and there.  There are also, however, those glowing embers of campfire tales which I'll remember for a long time such as the Cyclone kill with just two of us in Rifters with that ship having warped in just as we'd killed a Rupture.  There is dropping into a system to see a Frigate and Mining Barge on the same belt only to find that the combat ship is there to protect the miner and managing to take out both with half my armour left. 

Such is the joy of EvE - so many memories and ways to have fun.  You've got to love it.

Just the other night we happened upon a chap by the name of Rixx Javix.  He was pottering around in a Vagabond and, with his reputation and ship I'd decided to leave well alone - other than saying 'hello'.  Anyway a corpie of mine landed on him and got point - another warped in so I thought I'd have to try and help out.  Of course he had some assistance from a Harpy but the fight was over fairly quickly with two Rifters dead and one escapee.  The beauty of this though is that it's all good fun and what I find really refreshing is, for the most part, the people that have just killed your ship are usually more than willing to have a friendly chat to discuss fittings and tactics.

Again - you've got to love it.

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Ok so I'm curious...

That's not to say I'm curious as in odd.  More that I'm interested in seeking an explanation around the reasons that some people find this...


Personally I can't think of much that requires less skill than sitting with 10-15 of your mates on a gate waiting for a ship to come through then popping it.

My joy comes from roaming the depths of lowsec hunting suitable targets.  Building my knowledge of ships and fits to know what's worth taking on and what you need to leave well alone.  The thrill of first catching a ship on your 360 scan then narrowing it down checking the pilot, looking for their possible back up in system then warping to where you think they may be with modules hot and finger on the trigger finger is, for me, second to none.

So, what I'm interested to know is where is that fun to be had camping gates?  There must be some otherwise surely those wastes of skin who partake in it wouldn't do it.  Is it simply to add to your killboard?  Hardly a skilled kill though is it?  That would be like including hedgehogs on the scoreboard of 'Deathrace 2000' or shooting fish in a barrel.

When I look at my killboard and of those of my corp mates I know that the kills on them were all born of the hunt and effective tracking and that we all experienced the thrill of not really knowing what the outcome was likely to be.  When the campers look at theres do they simply note, 'another ship that warped into the system with which I boosted my clearly dominant ego.'

Now, you may be able to tell that I have recently lost some Isk to gatecamps.  Not a lot and that's really not the point.  The point is - is that really fun to do?  Somebody please tell me.

If you DO enjoy it - head off to nullsec there's a good puppy and play with others who appreciate your style.  Or join the scouts and do it properly in the woods with bears to play with.