EvE Online - a world, a home, amongst the stars. These are the voyages of an EvE 'noob' from day one. I hope we have an enjoyable trip...

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

First tears...

Sorry - just had to share - names removed to protect the 'innocent'...

M? > Hey
** > hi
**> for a mere 10 million isk you may leave in peace
M? > How bout you llick my balls you dick suckers
** > may I?
M? > Yea
**> do it
M? > Fucking kill me you f****** q*****
M? > I choose death you ass holes
M? > Ty
...If only people would pay - it's always honoured by us.

I know it's not great - and even uncouth but first tears so I just had to share.

And then yesterday this...

w? > seriously
warlord2 > assholes
ME > want to pay fer yer pod?
 w? > piss of
 w? > coward
w? > u think im scaared LOL LOL LOL
 ?> :|
w? > just very opinionated and u guys are pussys
ME> meow

Personally I just couldn't believe my luck seeing a Retriever on D Scan.  How the worm has turned :)  His Hobgoblin I's didn't touch me and he sank pretty easily.

Wish you were here?

With any luck and if the moons coincide I should manage to launch a Jaguar this weekend. 

Had some more luck earlier this week and whilst I didn't get any KM for it I did enjoy it.  Playing with my prober I located a frigate and a noob ship in close proximity.  I could tell from D scan that there was a POS close by but thought 'what the hell' and warped to 100 just to take a look in my cloakie.  Sure enough there was the POS but there was no shield.  Now, being new to this, I didn't know if that also meant that any guns were offline but I couldn't see any so warped in my Rifter - locked up both ships then vaporised the wrecks so no-one knew who to blame.  Seems odd to forget to fill up with fuel but I guess these things happen.  I was a bit disappointed not to get a KM but it was good scanning practice.

Fly safe until next time.

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Chance of Surviving an Encounter - 100%

I'm back - the last month has been a real roller coaster in EvE and what a ride!

It's only right to say at this stage that Zraltori is now an 'alt'.  My new main is currently drinking rum in a low-sec bar waiting to go out for a roam to see what's moving out in Placid.  Despite all my misgivings I've succeeded in passing an assessment covering the last four weeks which means that I've made it into what I feel is the best pirate corp in New Eden.  No names no pack drill yet.

Having gone into this process at the end of Feb with ZERO PvP experience I was not at all sure that I'd make it through.  To pass I would have to kill things - up to then things were killing me but I was struggling to return the favour.  I'd also have to earn quite a few million Isk in ransom.  D-Scan I thought was something which tuned a radio into your favourite channel.  It would be fair to say that when I first started I couldn't find a ferret in a small paper bag with a top of the range ferret-finder and a rabbit as back up.  BUT some weeks in and having learnt that it's all about where you position your scanning spots and then narrow it down I've actually begun to find ships.  This of course is a double edged sword as more ships mean more things to kill me.  That said I've managed to kill a Claw, Wolf and Kestrel on my own so far with my trusty Rifter.  I've nearly got what I'd think are reasonable enough skills to take out a Jag on a test flight which may increase my chances a little.  My ultimate aim is the fabled Hurricane - I love the look.

I've even dared to lead a corp roam in low sec.  On that occasion our scanners found an Iteron on a safe which we did try to ransom but the pilot refused all attempts to contact him both in his ship - and then his pod.  Shame really.  With my mates in the corp we've hunted and taken down a goodly number of ships.  Last night we managed to locate a Battleship which we did ransom for a reasonable amount.  I was disappointed that the poor pilot, having escaped us, then ran into a gate camp and lost his ship anyway.  I felt for him.  A bad night.

Another sideline I've started out on is a combat scanner to assist me to locate those who seek out safety in space.  He's into a covops now and is building skills.  So far he's great at finding ships in POS's and the voyeur in me enjoys watching those who don't know I'm there.  Eventually the aim is to use him to scan down targets approach with stealth and point whilst I warp in to engage.  Not yet though as I have no desire to lose two ships per engagement and, as my battleclinic signature tells you, if you engage me, you have a 100% chance of survival :)

Angular velocity?  Transversal?  All a mystery - tell me the faster I go the harder I am to hit - THAT I understand :) I do words not numbers so the maths game really does let me down.  That said I have to admit that I am loving small gang PvP.  Whilst I was in the ILN I just didn't get PvP at all.  I loved my mining operations and there was nothing nicer than sharing time with friends on the rocks.  Now I desire to be out on the hunt.  The adrenaline as you warp in to where you think a ship is is still intense and to find one is something else.  Then to engage and see its shields and armour dropping more quickly than yours - nothing better.  To point the pod?  unbeatable.  Ransom is also fun and most pilots appreciate a lyrical and polite approach.  It would really appear that it truly is a pirate's life for me - yarrr!

Thursday, 3 March 2011

15 Mins GCC

So - how are things going?

Well, I've been in low sec now for 4 days.  I've lost 'several' ships and killed a mighty Zero, 0, Nada.  That's right - I'm out for a duck.
So - my losses are running into millions.  Gate guns, Concord, POS guns and finally players have been dealing damage to me all week. Am I ready to give up?  Absolutely not.  I've found a fantastic bunch of players who really take what they do seriously.  I've already learned how to locate my targets (even if they then kill me) and I'm also coming to terms with what and who I should pick a fight with and who I need to leave well alone.  I've even been tricked into fleeting up with a pilot who then baited a trap with a corpie of his in a Retriever then they both popped my ship.  All really great stuff so far removed from what I've been used to in EvE.  Miners are on the whole a really accommodating bunch - PvPers are too - it's just that they WILL kill you given the chance - that's hard to do with a strip miner I guess.

Those who know me from the Uni may have noticed I've not been about as much.  I have but in a different persona which, to be fair, it's now safe to say, is my main. 

I am absolutely determined to make a good go of this as a career.  The thrill of the hunt is fantastic.  The closest I've come to achieving my first kill was last night when I located a Catalyst on a belt.  I warped to him then opened fire - but, BIG error, I webbed and Nos'd but did not SCRAM!?! - in the excitement I forgot - won't do that again! - I guess that's the point - I'm learning by doing and whilst the curve is so steep it needs a lift I'm hoping that eventually it will begin to level out.


Captain's cabin? - looks nice but what's the point? - that's not a whinge I'm just really interested in the answer to that question.


Blog banter this week was on Null sec - never having been I'm unable to comment with any authority - so won't :)


Ah well - the GCC has run down - time to go die again...

Until next time - you fly safe o7