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Thursday, 3 March 2011

15 Mins GCC

So - how are things going?

Well, I've been in low sec now for 4 days.  I've lost 'several' ships and killed a mighty Zero, 0, Nada.  That's right - I'm out for a duck.
So - my losses are running into millions.  Gate guns, Concord, POS guns and finally players have been dealing damage to me all week. Am I ready to give up?  Absolutely not.  I've found a fantastic bunch of players who really take what they do seriously.  I've already learned how to locate my targets (even if they then kill me) and I'm also coming to terms with what and who I should pick a fight with and who I need to leave well alone.  I've even been tricked into fleeting up with a pilot who then baited a trap with a corpie of his in a Retriever then they both popped my ship.  All really great stuff so far removed from what I've been used to in EvE.  Miners are on the whole a really accommodating bunch - PvPers are too - it's just that they WILL kill you given the chance - that's hard to do with a strip miner I guess.

Those who know me from the Uni may have noticed I've not been about as much.  I have but in a different persona which, to be fair, it's now safe to say, is my main. 

I am absolutely determined to make a good go of this as a career.  The thrill of the hunt is fantastic.  The closest I've come to achieving my first kill was last night when I located a Catalyst on a belt.  I warped to him then opened fire - but, BIG error, I webbed and Nos'd but did not SCRAM!?! - in the excitement I forgot - won't do that again! - I guess that's the point - I'm learning by doing and whilst the curve is so steep it needs a lift I'm hoping that eventually it will begin to level out.


Captain's cabin? - looks nice but what's the point? - that's not a whinge I'm just really interested in the answer to that question.


Blog banter this week was on Null sec - never having been I'm unable to comment with any authority - so won't :)


Ah well - the GCC has run down - time to go die again...

Until next time - you fly safe o7

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  1. I think the point of the Captain's Cabin is to ease the Incarna technology in without disrupting gameplay too much.

    And to allow people like me to take a thousand screenshots of our characters looking thoughtful, up at ships, sitting, standing, scratching their arses and generally being people rather than just faces.

    ...All you have to do is tell me your character's name... and what systems you hang about in... and what ships you fly... and I won't even bring any friends... honest!