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Thursday, 19 May 2011

Blog Suspended


Well - it's happened - I guess I've covered what I wanted to.  My move to piracy. 

Now I want to concentrate on flying and having some more fun!

Thanks to all who've taken the time to read my ramblings.

Who knows - maybe I'll be back, but I doubt it.

If anyone wants to get in touch in game then Evemail Zraltori and he'll put us in touch.

Fly safe and, most importantly - have fun!

Sunday, 8 May 2011

How I got to 100 kills and my celebrity death...

Last night my pirating netted me my 100th kill.  I never thought I'd make it but here we are.  All those needless deaths and stupid mistakes but I'm actually managing a 2/1 kill death ratio now which, especially to me, seems amazing - in the truest sense!

Yes, there are some 'easy' pots in there such as the odd cyno and AFK pod on a gate here and there.  There are also, however, those glowing embers of campfire tales which I'll remember for a long time such as the Cyclone kill with just two of us in Rifters with that ship having warped in just as we'd killed a Rupture.  There is dropping into a system to see a Frigate and Mining Barge on the same belt only to find that the combat ship is there to protect the miner and managing to take out both with half my armour left. 

Such is the joy of EvE - so many memories and ways to have fun.  You've got to love it.

Just the other night we happened upon a chap by the name of Rixx Javix.  He was pottering around in a Vagabond and, with his reputation and ship I'd decided to leave well alone - other than saying 'hello'.  Anyway a corpie of mine landed on him and got point - another warped in so I thought I'd have to try and help out.  Of course he had some assistance from a Harpy but the fight was over fairly quickly with two Rifters dead and one escapee.  The beauty of this though is that it's all good fun and what I find really refreshing is, for the most part, the people that have just killed your ship are usually more than willing to have a friendly chat to discuss fittings and tactics.

Again - you've got to love it.

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Ok so I'm curious...

That's not to say I'm curious as in odd.  More that I'm interested in seeking an explanation around the reasons that some people find this...


Personally I can't think of much that requires less skill than sitting with 10-15 of your mates on a gate waiting for a ship to come through then popping it.

My joy comes from roaming the depths of lowsec hunting suitable targets.  Building my knowledge of ships and fits to know what's worth taking on and what you need to leave well alone.  The thrill of first catching a ship on your 360 scan then narrowing it down checking the pilot, looking for their possible back up in system then warping to where you think they may be with modules hot and finger on the trigger finger is, for me, second to none.

So, what I'm interested to know is where is that fun to be had camping gates?  There must be some otherwise surely those wastes of skin who partake in it wouldn't do it.  Is it simply to add to your killboard?  Hardly a skilled kill though is it?  That would be like including hedgehogs on the scoreboard of 'Deathrace 2000' or shooting fish in a barrel.

When I look at my killboard and of those of my corp mates I know that the kills on them were all born of the hunt and effective tracking and that we all experienced the thrill of not really knowing what the outcome was likely to be.  When the campers look at theres do they simply note, 'another ship that warped into the system with which I boosted my clearly dominant ego.'

Now, you may be able to tell that I have recently lost some Isk to gatecamps.  Not a lot and that's really not the point.  The point is - is that really fun to do?  Somebody please tell me.

If you DO enjoy it - head off to nullsec there's a good puppy and play with others who appreciate your style.  Or join the scouts and do it properly in the woods with bears to play with.

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Best night yet...

So - tonight I took to my new Artillery fit Thrasher.  Something inside me likes the idea of being able to blow things out of the sky from 18-24 km away and not risk getting slapped back.  I'd broken away from the small gang to head up to a known PvP centre where there is sometimes some overflow of new players. 

Having jumped into the system I'd noted a Tristan on scan and was content I could try to take that on for some fun.  So as I scanned it imagine my surprise - and giddy happiness - to now also see a Retriever on scan.  In my time in low sec I've only ever seen three mining barges out in space.  I was salivating with anticipation and when I narrowed them down to the same belt I couldn't believe my luck.

Warping in at 20km I went for the barge first - I wanted that ship on my kill list and knew that given any time at all it would warp away and I'd lose the chance.  They were both at my optimum range so I was lucky again on that.  Four volleys took care of the barge but by this time the frigate was closing the distance.  I locked him and opened fire pointing him at the same time.

By this time he was only 1700m from me and whilst I'd taken him to half armour his shields were back up.  I fired up the microwarp and sped away opening the gap back up to 8000m and more.  At this range my guns and ammo began to rip the frigate apart once more taking him quickly to structure then kersplosion.

Sadly I missed both pods but this could in no way detract from what was an excellent encounter and some decent module drops mean that if I make it back to base I can liquidate some assets.

I'll be drinking some rum tonight!

After posting this I was subject to a gate camp - what is the fun in camping gates?  There's no skill involved and I have to seriously question what skill is involved.  Bah - sour grapes out of the way...

We did roam on though and the quick trip home I got from being podded meant I could join in with the guys with several more fun kills.  So every cloud and all that...

Nearing -10 now and am really loving it.

Monday, 11 April 2011

Bigger is not Better

Today I have had a timely reminder of what I already knew.  The bigger ship is not necessarily the better.  Of course, in the hands of a skilled pilot (in both senses of the term) it may be.  But, learning to fly a ship is not learning to fly it.  By this I mean I can easily learn Battlecruisers to level II but would I be competent in a Hurricane?  No.

So, having lost a couple of Jags and a Wolf this week I remembered what I had resolved to do when I set out on this path.  To abide by the rule of building a sound foundation before working on the ornamental stone work.  However nice the decorations, without a foundation they are weak. They will collapse.

I have then reinstated my Rifter fleet and packed away my shinies in bubble wrap until I can in fact fly them.

It was then with almost a sense of foreboding that I flew out of the station tonight.  My record has not been good thus far solo and I had hoped the bigger tanks may help me win some fights.  It hasn't happened hence my back to basics approach today.

The initial roam threw up a Rupture ratting on a gate.  My last words before warping in and targeting the ship were, ' always be prepared to bet on stupid'.  I knew I couldn't engage him without drawing gate wraith.  But, what if he got confused and started shooting at me?  So I targeted, orbited and waited.  Sure enough within 20 seconds I was being informed that he was shooting at me.  But, with my burner on I was taking no damage.  I therefore began to return the favour and pointed him at the same time.  It didn't take long for the Cruiser to pop.  I was amazed - and reproached myself for not having persevered with the Rifter before making the mistake of moving on far too quickly.

Later the same day I was flying a two pilot roam when we happened upon another Rupture on a planet.  We engaged and my wing had taken it right down before I landed.  However, before the Ruppy popped a Cyclone warped in.  I was concerned now but targeted the Cyclone, pointed it and opened fire.  My wing finished off the Ruppy then joined in.  The Cyclone's shields were repping and going down very slowly.  For the first time during a fight I moved over to EMP ammo.  This assisted and the shields went red.  Next was his armour and structure until the Cyclone too vaporised.  This took us a little time and I was worried that more help may be on the way.  If it was it didn't arrive in time.

This without doubt is the best day I've had in a while.  Three kills of decent calibre with great company.  I was on a real high as we divided the loot back at base. 

A pirate's life is the best in Eve.  Now, time for a rum...

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Cats and Dogs - the Eternal Struggle

I recently skilled up to the position that I could unwrap my Jag in the hangar and fire it up.  To be honest I'd also had the longest run I can remember without a loss and was beginning to feel more confident about at least being able to escape :)

So - I fired up the engines and disengaged from my home station for a roam around my usual haunts the other night.  I have to admit that the going has been slow of late - well that may explain the low level of losses recently!  That said we had some great fun with a Hoarder the other night having destroyed his ship first we then extorted some cash to allow him safe passage to pick up his PI products.  All in the life of a wealth redistribution technician.

Anyway - I flew out of the station admiring my new ship.  The Jag really is a thing of beauty and the extra tank is extremely useful to a pilot like myself of dubious skill.  I'd made several jumps heading towards a system which is usually very busy with game pilots.  It was no different on that day.  That said it was a while before I noticed a Wolf on D-Scan.  It was the only ship on 180 and, unlike most of the others, didn't seem to be just passing through.  'Ah-ha' I thought to myself - looks like the hunter is also the hunted.

Hitting a belt I noticed him warp in just behind me - not being one to allow others to dictate when and where I fight I bounced straight back out.  It was a little later that I bounced in to find him on a planet.  I had decided to risk a 6000 orbit with barrage.  Now, you'll know no doubt that a Wolf has an excellent falloff bonus so a 500 orbit with phased fusion would have been much better.  A quick fight and pod trip later and I know it too!   A loss isn't truly a loss if you take something from it by way of learning.

I have also recently invested in a Hurricane.  At a similar price to the Jag it didn't seem extravagant.  That said I've resolved with myself not to leave the station in it until I've the skills to fly it as it deserves rather than being a space borne paper bag.  I love the idea of an Arty fill Cane but have much to learn before I dare fly one out.

I now need to work on more solo kills to work up my databases in relation to successful tactics against varying types of hull.

I still have difficulty understanding how I chipped rocks for six months without experiencing PvP - I'm so glad I move the move out here.  I've made some new friends and the thrill of a solo or small group roam is not to be beaten.

On the most part I've found our vic... erm Customers to be most understanding.  Hey - you come to low sec space you ride the pony of risk.  Don't cry to me when it bucks you off.

Monday, 4 April 2011

Would you?

Ok - as you know I'm new to PvP - and EvE in general really only having played for 7 months.  I have to say though I wouldn't - would you?

We landed in system and scanned about - it had been a quiet night so hopes were not high.  Then we got a quick glimpse of the Maulus on a belt - worth a go - see if we could point him before he could get away.  It was my maiden voyage in my Jaguar so I was keen not to log off with a duck.  So - we got point on his frigate and destroyed it.  We missed the pod as I have an annoying habit of not being able to lock them up swiftly enough.  I've taken to disabling the AFB when I see the ship about to go but this doesn't seem to help.

So I was a little disgruntled that I'd missed the pod.  I do so look forward to hitting -10.00 a badge of some honour I feel.

In any event we looted the miserable cargo and heading to safe.  So whilst waiting out GCC we notice the same pilot return to system.  Surely not?  Quick scan reveals an Imicus on the same belt!  No - it can't be.

We warp in and there he is again - mining away zrrrrrrrrpp  zrrrrrrrrrrp.  So - we get point and begin to negotiate terms this time as I'm not evil and two deaths to the same pirates in the space of ten minutes would frustrate even me.  However, this doesn't go well.  The pilot has trouble understanding that we don't want money and are just keen to see him recite 'Mary had a Little Lamb' in local.  He took far too long to sing and so - yes - the autocannons opened up again.  This time however I DID point the pod and, well, the rest is history.  Perhaps not surprisingly he seemed to get the message after that and didn't come back... perhaps tonight?

Oh yes - on another note - I can now take a pod on a gate.  I sometimes encounter those who for whatever reason think it's a good idea to leave their pod on autopilot.  Sometimes they seem to hang about at gates.  I've now got a ship with a little more tank which enables me to target, align out and shoot as I run then warp.  It's usually enough time to take them out.  Joy!