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Saturday, 23 April 2011

Best night yet...

So - tonight I took to my new Artillery fit Thrasher.  Something inside me likes the idea of being able to blow things out of the sky from 18-24 km away and not risk getting slapped back.  I'd broken away from the small gang to head up to a known PvP centre where there is sometimes some overflow of new players. 

Having jumped into the system I'd noted a Tristan on scan and was content I could try to take that on for some fun.  So as I scanned it imagine my surprise - and giddy happiness - to now also see a Retriever on scan.  In my time in low sec I've only ever seen three mining barges out in space.  I was salivating with anticipation and when I narrowed them down to the same belt I couldn't believe my luck.

Warping in at 20km I went for the barge first - I wanted that ship on my kill list and knew that given any time at all it would warp away and I'd lose the chance.  They were both at my optimum range so I was lucky again on that.  Four volleys took care of the barge but by this time the frigate was closing the distance.  I locked him and opened fire pointing him at the same time.

By this time he was only 1700m from me and whilst I'd taken him to half armour his shields were back up.  I fired up the microwarp and sped away opening the gap back up to 8000m and more.  At this range my guns and ammo began to rip the frigate apart once more taking him quickly to structure then kersplosion.

Sadly I missed both pods but this could in no way detract from what was an excellent encounter and some decent module drops mean that if I make it back to base I can liquidate some assets.

I'll be drinking some rum tonight!

After posting this I was subject to a gate camp - what is the fun in camping gates?  There's no skill involved and I have to seriously question what skill is involved.  Bah - sour grapes out of the way...

We did roam on though and the quick trip home I got from being podded meant I could join in with the guys with several more fun kills.  So every cloud and all that...

Nearing -10 now and am really loving it.

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