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Monday, 11 April 2011

Bigger is not Better

Today I have had a timely reminder of what I already knew.  The bigger ship is not necessarily the better.  Of course, in the hands of a skilled pilot (in both senses of the term) it may be.  But, learning to fly a ship is not learning to fly it.  By this I mean I can easily learn Battlecruisers to level II but would I be competent in a Hurricane?  No.

So, having lost a couple of Jags and a Wolf this week I remembered what I had resolved to do when I set out on this path.  To abide by the rule of building a sound foundation before working on the ornamental stone work.  However nice the decorations, without a foundation they are weak. They will collapse.

I have then reinstated my Rifter fleet and packed away my shinies in bubble wrap until I can in fact fly them.

It was then with almost a sense of foreboding that I flew out of the station tonight.  My record has not been good thus far solo and I had hoped the bigger tanks may help me win some fights.  It hasn't happened hence my back to basics approach today.

The initial roam threw up a Rupture ratting on a gate.  My last words before warping in and targeting the ship were, ' always be prepared to bet on stupid'.  I knew I couldn't engage him without drawing gate wraith.  But, what if he got confused and started shooting at me?  So I targeted, orbited and waited.  Sure enough within 20 seconds I was being informed that he was shooting at me.  But, with my burner on I was taking no damage.  I therefore began to return the favour and pointed him at the same time.  It didn't take long for the Cruiser to pop.  I was amazed - and reproached myself for not having persevered with the Rifter before making the mistake of moving on far too quickly.

Later the same day I was flying a two pilot roam when we happened upon another Rupture on a planet.  We engaged and my wing had taken it right down before I landed.  However, before the Ruppy popped a Cyclone warped in.  I was concerned now but targeted the Cyclone, pointed it and opened fire.  My wing finished off the Ruppy then joined in.  The Cyclone's shields were repping and going down very slowly.  For the first time during a fight I moved over to EMP ammo.  This assisted and the shields went red.  Next was his armour and structure until the Cyclone too vaporised.  This took us a little time and I was worried that more help may be on the way.  If it was it didn't arrive in time.

This without doubt is the best day I've had in a while.  Three kills of decent calibre with great company.  I was on a real high as we divided the loot back at base. 

A pirate's life is the best in Eve.  Now, time for a rum...

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