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Thursday, 7 April 2011

Cats and Dogs - the Eternal Struggle

I recently skilled up to the position that I could unwrap my Jag in the hangar and fire it up.  To be honest I'd also had the longest run I can remember without a loss and was beginning to feel more confident about at least being able to escape :)

So - I fired up the engines and disengaged from my home station for a roam around my usual haunts the other night.  I have to admit that the going has been slow of late - well that may explain the low level of losses recently!  That said we had some great fun with a Hoarder the other night having destroyed his ship first we then extorted some cash to allow him safe passage to pick up his PI products.  All in the life of a wealth redistribution technician.

Anyway - I flew out of the station admiring my new ship.  The Jag really is a thing of beauty and the extra tank is extremely useful to a pilot like myself of dubious skill.  I'd made several jumps heading towards a system which is usually very busy with game pilots.  It was no different on that day.  That said it was a while before I noticed a Wolf on D-Scan.  It was the only ship on 180 and, unlike most of the others, didn't seem to be just passing through.  'Ah-ha' I thought to myself - looks like the hunter is also the hunted.

Hitting a belt I noticed him warp in just behind me - not being one to allow others to dictate when and where I fight I bounced straight back out.  It was a little later that I bounced in to find him on a planet.  I had decided to risk a 6000 orbit with barrage.  Now, you'll know no doubt that a Wolf has an excellent falloff bonus so a 500 orbit with phased fusion would have been much better.  A quick fight and pod trip later and I know it too!   A loss isn't truly a loss if you take something from it by way of learning.

I have also recently invested in a Hurricane.  At a similar price to the Jag it didn't seem extravagant.  That said I've resolved with myself not to leave the station in it until I've the skills to fly it as it deserves rather than being a space borne paper bag.  I love the idea of an Arty fill Cane but have much to learn before I dare fly one out.

I now need to work on more solo kills to work up my databases in relation to successful tactics against varying types of hull.

I still have difficulty understanding how I chipped rocks for six months without experiencing PvP - I'm so glad I move the move out here.  I've made some new friends and the thrill of a solo or small group roam is not to be beaten.

On the most part I've found our vic... erm Customers to be most understanding.  Hey - you come to low sec space you ride the pony of risk.  Don't cry to me when it bucks you off.

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