EvE Online - a world, a home, amongst the stars. These are the voyages of an EvE 'noob' from day one. I hope we have an enjoyable trip...

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

War War is stupid...

Well, here we are. Uni HQ brimming with miners who are pining for the rocks. I'm lucky enough to be able to run two extra characters so I'm still scratching the 'roid splitting itch. I've also invested in the Noctis - sad I know - to clear up after Uni mining ops when we finally get released back out of the station when the corps who have declared war on us get bored. Of course war also allows for some pen time so here I am.

I'm traininng Mining Foreman now up to level 5 which is going to take just over two weeks. Following that it won't surprise you to know it's Mining Director I followed by Ship Command 5 and then Industrial Command Ships 1. That will get me into the Orca at last. Then I can work on the skills to make it useful!

Having only played since mid Sept 2010 I'm still astounded at the depth of this game. It's fantastic in its level of detail and specialisation which must mean that all our journeys present different challenges and offshoots. It's a great investment of time.

Friday, 26 November 2010

The First Post...

I hope this Blog will document the mining exploits of the EvE
University mining team. Also my own personal journey through the world that is EvE online. How bemused I was to start with, how confused I am now and how I don't really expect it to change for some months to come. But also how much fun you can have in this fantastic world.