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Monday, 4 April 2011

Would you?

Ok - as you know I'm new to PvP - and EvE in general really only having played for 7 months.  I have to say though I wouldn't - would you?

We landed in system and scanned about - it had been a quiet night so hopes were not high.  Then we got a quick glimpse of the Maulus on a belt - worth a go - see if we could point him before he could get away.  It was my maiden voyage in my Jaguar so I was keen not to log off with a duck.  So - we got point on his frigate and destroyed it.  We missed the pod as I have an annoying habit of not being able to lock them up swiftly enough.  I've taken to disabling the AFB when I see the ship about to go but this doesn't seem to help.

So I was a little disgruntled that I'd missed the pod.  I do so look forward to hitting -10.00 a badge of some honour I feel.

In any event we looted the miserable cargo and heading to safe.  So whilst waiting out GCC we notice the same pilot return to system.  Surely not?  Quick scan reveals an Imicus on the same belt!  No - it can't be.

We warp in and there he is again - mining away zrrrrrrrrpp  zrrrrrrrrrrp.  So - we get point and begin to negotiate terms this time as I'm not evil and two deaths to the same pirates in the space of ten minutes would frustrate even me.  However, this doesn't go well.  The pilot has trouble understanding that we don't want money and are just keen to see him recite 'Mary had a Little Lamb' in local.  He took far too long to sing and so - yes - the autocannons opened up again.  This time however I DID point the pod and, well, the rest is history.  Perhaps not surprisingly he seemed to get the message after that and didn't come back... perhaps tonight?

Oh yes - on another note - I can now take a pod on a gate.  I sometimes encounter those who for whatever reason think it's a good idea to leave their pod on autopilot.  Sometimes they seem to hang about at gates.  I've now got a ship with a little more tank which enables me to target, align out and shoot as I run then warp.  It's usually enough time to take them out.  Joy!

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