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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

First tears...

Sorry - just had to share - names removed to protect the 'innocent'...

M? > Hey
** > hi
**> for a mere 10 million isk you may leave in peace
M? > How bout you llick my balls you dick suckers
** > may I?
M? > Yea
**> do it
M? > Fucking kill me you f****** q*****
M? > I choose death you ass holes
M? > Ty
...If only people would pay - it's always honoured by us.

I know it's not great - and even uncouth but first tears so I just had to share.

And then yesterday this...

w? > seriously
warlord2 > assholes
ME > want to pay fer yer pod?
 w? > piss of
 w? > coward
w? > u think im scaared LOL LOL LOL
 ?> :|
w? > just very opinionated and u guys are pussys
ME> meow

Personally I just couldn't believe my luck seeing a Retriever on D Scan.  How the worm has turned :)  His Hobgoblin I's didn't touch me and he sank pretty easily.

Wish you were here?

With any luck and if the moons coincide I should manage to launch a Jaguar this weekend. 

Had some more luck earlier this week and whilst I didn't get any KM for it I did enjoy it.  Playing with my prober I located a frigate and a noob ship in close proximity.  I could tell from D scan that there was a POS close by but thought 'what the hell' and warped to 100 just to take a look in my cloakie.  Sure enough there was the POS but there was no shield.  Now, being new to this, I didn't know if that also meant that any guns were offline but I couldn't see any so warped in my Rifter - locked up both ships then vaporised the wrecks so no-one knew who to blame.  Seems odd to forget to fill up with fuel but I guess these things happen.  I was a bit disappointed not to get a KM but it was good scanning practice.

Fly safe until next time.

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