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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

'Money Money Money, Must be funny...' Of Iskies and Piracy in Space...

Ok - it's out and you can download it here - http://www.isktheguide.com/

Now having had a quick look there would appear to be a veritable flood of information aimed at stemming your Isk drought.  I'm a new player and will certainly be looking to download a copy onto the old 'e-reader'.

The latest ep of 'Lost in Conversation' is up on the usual sites for download.  The chat this week centred on the views of those present (all bloggers) on new developments in Eve.  Namely what to expect from 'Incarna' and the pros and cons of developing new material when compared to polishing that which is already in the public domain - the Eve we love.  The panel also got to talking about Low and Null Sec space and the similarities and differences between them.  This all got me to thinking about my experience in Eve so far. 

Almost since day one I've been told that PvP 'rocks' and that it's one of the 'mainstays' of the game.  I've been content to fire on rocks safe in the knowledge that that they don't shoot back and I genuinely enjoy the social aspect of mining not to mention the Iskies it generates.  That said I have been interested recently to hear of the adventures of 'Jade' from LiE who has taken up the gauntlet and, for now, abandoned his Orcas for Rifters and his 'roid fields for gate camps.  I've found his tales of piracy most intriguing and it got me to thinking that there may well be something in this PvP hype.  Now I need to make it clear that Zraltori would never consider such nefariousness and both his brothers of course are far too busy to dabble in such things.  There was a need therefore to expand the family which has been done.  Another driver to this was a 'Twitter' convo between myself and Helicity Boson in which it was suggested that 'victim' was a state of mind and how she couldn't understand why people didn't 'do' more with the experience of 'Hulkageddon'.  So, this year I will do something.... and this is the plan...

I shall for part of the period of Miner's Holiday this year do just that - take a break from mining (of course I will continue to fulfill the duties of my role on staff within the Uni - I'm just speaking about the actual act of mining itself)  During this time I shall fly out the newest member of the family into lowsec.  By this time I'm hoping that I can work them up to basic Frig skills with some support (but not a lot!!) So I'll be eggshell thin - but with nothing to lose :-)  I shall use the enforced holiday to experience something new - do something different and see how it goes.  After all, as has been mentioned, Eve is a game and, like life, I now believe, 'Quod Potes Tenta' - Try all that you are able to.

Now I'm not sure if anyone actually reads this but here's my request.  If you are a member of a pirate corp and are in need of cannon fodder then by all means Evemail Zraltori in game and he can put you in touch with his nefarious kin.  After all - I think I'll need all the help I can get!!

As the time approaches I will outline my training and how the first flights go.  I have to say I'm quite excited at the prospect which must mean it's a good thing... or does it?

Fly safe.

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