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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

'You're so bad!'

Doing my rounds the other night I landed on a belt to find a Cormorant and Hurricane. Being a little lilly livered still I bounced straight back out and called it in Corp.  I was joined by a battle seasoned compadre and we jumped back in.  My partner pointed the Cormorant.  They were the same corp we I fully expected the 'Cane to open up in defence but ranges probably were not in it's favour and it warped straight out.  Love to have been a fly on the wall in the post fight debrief there!

Anyway - now the lonely Cormorant was in structure and went 'BOOM!' leaving the pod.  Well, having just trained Prop Jamming to three I couldn't resist and pointed the pod.  Orbiting and keeping an eye on my overview for any returning 'Canes, other help or long distance damage if it was fitted for longer range battle I tried to open some conversation to broker a deal.

'Want to keep the pod?' - silence.

Corp Comms struck up - 'You're so bad man!' - I smiled.  Still no reply

Well, I couldn't wait all day could I?  I pressed the trigger.

Three 200mm Auto II's ripped into the pod and spat the pilot out of his goo into the frozen void of space.  Pausing only to pick up the corpse (I've decided to collect them) I warped out to a safe spot to sit out the GCC.  That's when my Corpie shouted up, 'Check you're Sec Status man!'  I was down to -2.8  Going to have to be careful soon as to where I fly.  Either that or just go for the red flashy and hang the consequences.

Did I feel any remorse?  Truthfully - No.  I wondered why a Corm' and 'Cane were in the system yes - what I did feel was disappointment to have missed the point on the 'Cane.  Still maybe next time.

So - I wonder now how it took me so long to wake up to the beauty that is PvP - that said I'm no Thug - I'll always offer a way out if I think I have the chance.  The path of the combatant is honourable not one of arrogance or pomposity.  So, with that, I go once again to die - I'll just be happy if it's under someone's guns and not a gate... again!

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