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Saturday, 5 February 2011

'A bottle of rum to fill my tum...'

SO a quick update on progress.

I have created the avatar and they are holed up in High Sec learning some basic skills.  With the time given I can't expect to be an Uber damage dealer so I'm going to have to hope that I can find some eggshells to crack - to be fair even dying lots (which I certainly anticipate) will bring some learning which is what this is all about for me.  I'm not saying I'm going to have a career change or even put much time into this alt following Hulkageddon but this is a chance to try another facet of Eve for me which I intend to grab whilst still clearly completing my admin tasks for the Uni.

So - no surprises that I went for Mim as a race.  I've got myself a Rifter and have fitted it with basic autocannons.  I've got a disruptor, webifier and afterburner all of the lowest type (they're very rusty and the disruptor sparks when I fire it up!) but they're all I'm going to be able to fit for now.  Just waiting on the skills to put something into the low slots.  I'm thinking a DC I - I need a co-processor - then some tank?  Any suggestions most happily received - Haxxi - you reading this? :-)

Once I think I can fire everything I have and spark up the modules I'll make a move into low sec.  I really have never done this so am at a loss as to know where to start - should I perhaps try some can flipping first to see if I get a reaction or just hunt out an Indy or something to web and pop?  Again - set me a task and I'll see what I can do :-)


On a more civilised note - I'm now a few days into my job as Mining Manager at the Uni.  If I thought people gave their time to help others before on staff I now know that the staff really do give up a lot of their own time to help out and run the Corp.  It's fantastic to be part of that team and in time I'm looking forward to feeling like I'm pulling my weight.  At present I'm still getting to grips with process.  I've managed to sort out some loaner ships - for those that don't know we have a scheme where we supply mining or hauling ships to members to enable them to save up the cash to purchase their own.  This is a free service.  All we ask is that the ships and modules are returned in good order at the end of the loan period.  This scheme has helped countless new miners get into their barges and exhumers more quickly than they may have managed on their own. 

Ultimately that's also the goal of our mining operations which apportion a share of the profits based on the time you spent on the operation not on what you are flying so those in frigs and cruisers get the same share as the Hulk pilots.  Again this is aimed at helping those newer to the noble art find their feet and get into the better ships.

With the approach of Hulkageddon I think official ops may well be wound down this week to allow for the more 'premature' gankers.  So we'll look forward to getting back on the fields later this month.

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