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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Yarrrrrrr..... oops.

An excerpt from the diary of a trainee pirate - so wet behind the ears they have to wear a towel as a scarf...

The warning flashed up on the HUD - Concord can't protect you in here.  I chuckled, 'great!' and jumped.  Adrenaline pumping I checked local. Two pilots.  Checking their history I saw they were over three years old and began to lose my enthusiasm.  Time means skills.  Something I am desperately short on.  Still, here I was in lowsec and actually enjoying the feeling.  So, what to do?  Some old habits die hard and I thought I'd head to the asteroid belts to see what goodies there were there.  Two Angel frigs warped in behind me so I thought I'd try my guns out - I do so enjoy the rattle of projectile weapons in the morning - sounds like 'victory!' - so much more satisfying that the whine of lasers.  Anyways so busy was I listening to the guns that I assumed the targeting warning was from the Angels... WRONG.

Hmm shields vanishing... finally a quick check on the OV shows me a Dramiel. Bugger.  Warp Warp Warp.... 'External factors are preventing...' Double bugger... POP.  Well,  I'm a great believer in learning from experience so actually enjoy being in a scrap as I learn something new each time.  I thanked my attacker kindly for the fight (again no point being other than sociable - it's a game after all) and flew back to pick up a new ship.  Glad was I that in anticipation of many deaths I'd rigged a few Rifters for just this eventuality so no time wasted.

Being killed by something makes me want to own it - so, freighter dispatched to Hek and a Dram picked up.  I fitted it up (with a secret ingredient) and flew back to the system.  Again I headed out to the belts to see what would happen.  Lo and behold in pops the Dram.  Here's another newb error - I'd learnt Drones to take advantage of the bay and bearing in mind all my toons can use tech two drones I'd forgotten I needed to learn it up to four to use the capacity of the bay.  So one lonely drone launches into space... bother.  Anyways my shields were again vanishing and, bearing in mind that this ship cost me 70 mil and not just 250k I thought discretion was indeed the better part of valor - cue my secret weapon...

'Warp Drive Active' hehehe I waved in local as my space dust spat up in the face of my attacker.  Now, some may say that this was a cowardly act (fitting a stab).  Personally I was pleased to have saved my cash and also that I'd learnt from my previous encounter that my skills we such that I needed to have an option B.  On this occasion I used it and it felt good.

What still seems to be eluding me is my first kill.  I can now use T2 guns so things are improving. 

The hunt goes on...

In other news I have just found out that I've been added to the Player Blog Roll by Crazykinux.  This is a great honour - I wasn't sure anyone but me read this! Thanks to him for putting me up there.  I look forward to a long and happy association wherever the game takes me.

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  1. Heresy. Stabs on a Dramiel. lol