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Saturday, 29 January 2011

Hulkageddon - Second Helping...

Hulk Smash Rocks

You know I said I sit on the fence?  Last post was almost a fall from grace but I've had some time to think.  By definition since those who partake in the event enjoy it - were anyone to seek to stop them doing it then that activity could also constitute 'griefing' if you stick to the term as outlined in the previous post.  So, at risk of being so labelled I felt a need to step back and consider...

It was a little rash of me to liken New Eden to real life.  When all is said and done Eve is a game and it's there to be enjoyed.  Rather than chelp (Yorkshire speak for moan) and whine about Hulkageddon there is more fun to be had I think in considering ways to circumvent it and perhaps adapt to survive and experience the satisfaction of seeing your would be assassins popped by Sergei of Concord (credit to Lost in Eve).  At the end of the day the loss of a ship has no real impact.  At worst it means you'll need to spend a little time on the rocks to replace it if the Isk isn't already in your bank.  There are also other things you can do with your time whilst not mining such as mission running, trading or merely socialising.   Meanwhile there is a large following of the event with great support and dedicated organisation which really boosts interest in the game and the enjoyment to be had out of it for many players - I now think that this can't be a bad thing.  In fact I think it's great to see people willing to put themselves out to organise the thing.  Kudos.  I'll work out something to do whilst it's on I'm sure.  Who knows - in a few years I may have the skills to try and counter it a little - now, that would be fun :)


So - I also mentioned that I'd look at what I've got in the training queues of my pilots.  I'm working on a back story for the three - hell I've been playing RPGs since I was but young so you can't expect me not to at least touch my forelock to roleplay even if it doesn't feature too much in my playstyle at present - Zraltori is the older brother of a strict Amarr family. Hard work ethic and religious dedication led him to an industrial path.  His brother Jahkin tries to match up with his success but is less worried about detouring from his religious background and the younger sibling Adoniram could well go off the rails at any time - in fact don't be surprised if he ends up joining a pirate corp at some point - he's a troublesome one that!

Zraltori - is currently training Mining Director 5.  Following this will be Warfare Link Spec 5 which together will take care of about the next month.  After that I'm taking a 'pvp' break and looking at getting into an Inty for ILN fleet work and a bit of variety.

Jahkin is currently being trained as a mission runner - mainly for standings at present as he's also my refiner - he's into his battleship but now learning how to use it.  It's a but like me getting into a rally car.  I could drive it with no problem but could I really DRIVE it?  nope.

Adoniram is training Amarr Indy 5 then will get into his freighter.  I'm going to use him for runs of minerals to Hek to start with.  I'm not sure though - looking at him I can't help but think I risk him going off the rails at some point!

As always Haxxi is working overtime to keep me on track - although I STILL insist on mixing my tanks! (I'll learn).


Lastly - anyone else pleased they moved 'Dock' from the bottom of the menu?  I know I am :o)

Fly safe friends!

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