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Monday, 24 January 2011

New role.

I was promoted to Mining Manager for the Uni yesterday.  I was delighted with the news and am really looking forward to getting stuck in to some fleets.  My first few weeks I think will be taken up with getting to grips with the admin in the role as well as some stock taking - then Hulkageddon hits (you won't catch me crying about that - sniff).  After that it will be all systems go!

I'd like to thank the Uni for the faith they've shown in me as well as all those who I've really enjoyed flying with up to now.  The new role is a real responsibility and I'm looking forward to the challenges I know that it will bring.

This week may see a shortage of visibility and postings though as RL work intrudes - roll on the weekend.

Just as an aside I am now on Twitter and the #Tweetfleet - you can find me at...


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