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Monday, 10 January 2011

At War - 'Wait for my Signal - then unleash Hell!'

We're at war again.  Although I should point out that this time things are slightly different - please see the latest post of Azmodeus Valar in the blog 'Insanity by Increments' for a great outline of circumstances.  That said - I was interested in outlining my views around the reverse of circumstances - when we find ourselves Wardec'd and why someone may wish to place us in that position...

It seems to happen with irregular monotony (work that out).

A few personal thoughts... 

I'm not sure why anyone would wish to declare war on a voluntary institution dedicated to assisting new players to Eve.  Surely all of the player base is advantaged by larger player numbers?  If new players see that more experienced pilots like targeting new players are they likely to stay?  That said, if it IS a griefing tool then, as such,  it's worthless.  Standard Wartime Operating Procedure means that no mining or missioning is permitted which may be a consideration for those who Declare war - perhaps they think it's fun to curtail others enjoyment of the game?  BUT students are able to drop corp for the duration of the war with no negative effect and then rejoin following hostilities so, no gain there for the grief squad as anyone who wants to can continue to mine or mission under an NPC corp.

The number of members which E-Uni has means that most of the time we outnumber our enemies 100-1.  We cover most of the world's timezones so can usually field a decent number of that advantage.  Contrary to popular belief rather than being confined to station the players who remain in Uni are baying to be released in fleet to confront those who have declared war.  Yes we are inexperienced and fly T1 Frigates for the most part but where one Piranha would take a week to eat a cow a shoal can do it in seconds.

Easy kills?  Nope - refer to point one about mission and mining craft being grounded.  You won't get easy kills to boost your board.  Also, let's face it - if anyone sees that your kills and efficiency are being buoyed up by E-Uni ships and pods are they likely to be impressed?  You took out a 2 month old player in a T1 Frig -<applause> - I'm not sure this proves your effectiveness as a pirate / merc corp (delete as appropriate).

In any event - despite it perhaps being a tad inconvenient on the most part what war DOES offer is variety.  You will know by now that I am a miner at heart and enjoy nothing more that staring at walls of Plagio as they slowly crumble down.  That said we all enjoy a change and, in times of war, I am a tea boy for the Ivy League Navy (ILN).  That is to say I'm on the bottom rung of the ladder but keen to learn.  When the call to arms comes I too will fleet up in my T1 Frigate.  Keen to get a point on the enemy of my friend.  I'm working on skills that may one day perhaps even make me good at it.

So, whilst I can't quite understand why anyone would wish to wardec the Uni.  I cast aside my confusion, draw on my fashionable Oakley's of targeting +1 and say - 'here we go again...'


  1. You've admitted you're in the ILN, so you can't drop corp if decced if within your first 3 months in. Most don't drop the Uni when it's decced anyway, less than 5%, so yes one tiny corp's wardec can inconvenience over a thousand characters and those tears add up. The "100 vs 1" talk is hype as most Uni fleets are less than 30 and rarely over 100 at the very most.

    Reasons for wardeccing? War profiteering and griefing.

  2. Well, just a couple of points.

    Yes - I'm in ILN. Anyone who joins does indeed know that it's a three month commission and will mean not being able to drop corp so it's not something you go into with your eyes closed. I'd also suggest that the chances are that recruits are also interested in PvP (by definition) so a war dec is something to be anticipated with eagerness - not disappointment as it enables them to go out on fleet with a singular purpose - to destroy war targets. I smell no tears there.

    In relation to pilots who are not in ILN not dropping corp that must also be free choice as you lose nothing by so doing - so if they choose to remain I sense no pain.

    Again I wonder as to the profit to be had from War Deccing a charity...

  3. If you're not allowed to move freely during wartime, or better yet lockdowns, then anyone can make easy ISK by hauling things your corpmates want to buy to Aldrat. Or mine your fields because you can't.

    Enough earned to pay for the wardec, easily.

  4. Again though based on assumption. I know many students quit for war to enable them to carry on their usual business. You quote 5% so one assumes have access to accurate figures. Of the 95% who are left do you likewise assume that they don't have out of corp alts who just carry on mining an missioning until the war ends? I for one will be out on the rocks in a different clone for the duration of the war. I'm still confused.

  5. Having done a few war-decs myself, Anonymous was trying to pose himself as a hardass. Really, it's about the fun. The reason you war-dec bigger corporations is because it gives you more opportunities for combat. Small corps almost never get war-decced unless someone is griefing them, but even that won't last long as the small corp just docks up. Even though you outnumber the enemy 100-1, they know the odds are that they aren't going to face even 2-1 odds and that they stand a REALLY good chance of finding someone to shoot.