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Sunday, 16 January 2011

Plastic Surgery Scheduled for 18 January 2011

So it's set in stone (ish) - we'll get the chance to mess with the outside of our heads and not just the inside following the deployment on 18 January.

I for one am really looking forward to setting myself a new image. 

As I've hinted at before I'm not altogether happy with the portrait I currently have - it's just not me. 

At this time though I can't help but start to speculate on the use of the new avatars when Incarna finally lands later this year.  I played WoW for a year and have memories of players 'hanging out' in places like Stormwind and Dalaran.  Will Jita turn into such a place?  Will folks stop flying to concentrate instead on their Neocom 'Facebook' (TM)?

If they're miners then good luck to them - more rocks for me :)

Initially I was concerned that this may mean that Eve would lose that 'difference' which led me to abandon WoW and move to New Eden but now I'm curious to see how it develops.  As Jade on 'Lost in Eve' mentioned in one episode Eve appears to be a community made up of many societies.  The move to Incarna may add to the depth and variety of these societies and enmesh even more players in the social side of the game which really makes it for me.  Of course the solo players will still be there - lurking at the back of the bar with a soda :)

Any thoughts?

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  1. Hmm CCP provides a chance to re-do your portrait for 10$ i think. But it's not worth it especially now with the new portrait model.

    I liked my picture, not because it's awesome or something :D But i had it for more than a year now and i'm kind of adapted to it :D

    We'll see how the new pictures work.

    I hope we can beat someone up in the stations. Would be a good revenge for those crap running war targets :P