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Monday, 10 January 2011

Avatar Creator - The Masks of Zraltori

Over the last few days I've read posts on the blogs of both Memoocan and Laria Raven amongst others about the avatar creator which is currently live on the test server and which we can expect to hit Tranquility some time this month.  I have to say that up to now I've not been especially excited by the prospect of a 'facelift' but having read the aforementioned posts I'm beginning to get interested.

I carry a certain amount of regret about the portrait I finally chose to Zral'.  Four months on and I don't feel that it accurately reflects the persona which has developed in game for the character.  The portrait says brooding and secretive megamind (well I think so anyway :)).  The persona however is somewhat different.  In hindsight I'd have gone for a more open and friendly design.  Well, thanks to CCP I don't have to rue the decision and live with it.  This isn't real life after all!  So now I'll be able to break open the scalpel and take advantage of a second chance.

I don't access the test server so will happily wait until the facility becomes available on Tranq.  When it does I will make sure to take a reasonable time to design something which I feel reflects what Zral' has become in the short time he's been piloting in New Eden.  I wonder if 'L' plates are a costume option?

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