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Saturday, 22 January 2011

Mining Operation 20 Jan

No matter how often I set up mining fleets I never get tired of the fun to be had.

It's something you love, hate or tolerate in order to get a bit of Isk.  For me the mining fleet is a true expression of the reasons a number of us play MMOs.  Social interaction, a bit of fun, all coupled with a shared purpose.  That shared purpose usually nets us around 6 mil for a couple of hours.  Not millionaires Rodney but it's fun getting it and we don't hurt a soul - well, apart from the odd Angel who happens upon us in the belts.

So - imagine my surprise when I read the latest entry on Paul Clavet's Blog - 'My Loot, Your Tears' - http://www.mylootyourtears.com/  It would appear he's offering a Plex to anyone who can take out three Hulks - and this so close to the 'shut down' month of Feb this year when Hulkageddon runs.

So - I'm wondering... what if we fought back?  What if we miners took our destinies in our hands and rigged and fitted for battle?  After all, we just need to stay alive long enough for Concord to PoP the pilots who consider taking on a mining barge is fun.  Or what if we clubbed together to put a price on the pirate's head?  Or even considered putting a few quid into hiring a decent Merc corp to take care of the 'funsters'.

Now, get me not wrong.  If it were a mission to rid systems of botters I'd jump into my combat ships and take a few out myself with a smile on my face.  But we're talking about preventing those of us who enjoy mining from partaking in our pass time for around a month.  All I'm wondering about is what we could do to return the favour.

So, come on industrialists - who would consider it good sport to set some wolves on the wolves? The Bear fights back!

On another note - I saw a tweet from our CEO Kelduum Revaan which suggests he's considering running for CSM in this year's election.  Now, I've only been a member of E-Uni since September but I've already seen how much this corp helps pilots both new and old.  Kelduum heads up that organisation and keeps it ticking to enable the good works to continue.  Yes, without doubts it's a team effort but every team needs a leader to set direction and maintain momentum.  I say 'yes' to this proposed candidacy and hope that my voice is not alone in support of Kelduum should he decide to run for office.

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