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Sunday, 23 January 2011

Hulkageddon 4

Picked up from HelicityBoson on Twitter it would appear that dates are perhaps being set for this year's event.
19-28 Feb is mentioned.

I'm still wondering on how to try and vex the plans of the barge hunters but to be honest, this year, I don't think my skills are up to anything useful so I may be forced to sit it out.  That said I still haven't discounted the idea of hiring some mercs to take out the organisers :)

Anyways - since we're all doing it - below is the last in the series of new 'mugshots'.  This is Adoniram Bo'az.  The younger and more 'gnarly' brother of Jahkin and Zraltori.  He's heading for a freighter and will be my trader so I wanted to go for a look that said - 'That's my best price.  Take it or leave it.'

I actually think I've also got, 'and I'll pod you and steal it back as soon as you undock' but that wasn't intentional :)

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