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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

A Considered Response... Hulkageddon.

Hulkageddon seems to be getting a few pilots a little heated under the jump suit (disclaimer - not all pilots wear jumps suits - merely those stuck in the 1970s).  I've kept quiet really as I'm constantly aware of my 'noobness' but I've been giving some thought to the ideas.

'Griefer' - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Griefer

Now, I know this initial gambit will probably inflame some and I need to make it clear that I can see both sides to this particular facet of Eve.  It's probably a background in law which means I rarely come off the fence.  Each coin has two sides. 

So, that said... 'Griefers'...  I know Wikipedia is NOT an academic be all and end all but I thought perhaps it offers a good starting point.  The definition above (just to avoid the need for you to check it if you're stuck for time) includes:- 'Any methods of reversing another player's progress' and, 'Saying or doing something just to irritate, upset or otherwise harass someone.'  I would suggest that, as a miner who 'minds' his own business in High Sec - Hulkageddon ticks both of those boxes and so could be defined as 'Griefing' if we accept the definition and descriptors.

SO now I go to Wictionary - again I know not a hallowed source of academic knowledge but hey... the definition of 'Griefer' is gven as,
  1. (online gaming) One who griefs: a player who plays a game primarily to reduce other players’ enjoyment of it.
So, again, as a miner does Hulkageddon reduce your enjoyment of the game?  If so then those who gank you in space could be described as 'Griefers'.

One view then - the actions of the Gankers in their pursuit of pleasure reduce the enjoyment of the law abiding miner by forcing them to potentially give up what they enjoy for the duration of the event.  This effectively reduces or reverses their progress and, it could be argued, exponentially reduces their enjoyment of their gaming time.  Thus, you are griefing them.  No two ways about it.

I mentioned the other side of the coin...

I've seen it written that the event acts as a purge on botters.  Speaking as a miner there is clearly great value in this.  The consequent reduction in such activity would inevitably lead to a scarceness of resources and an associated rise in price - a good thing for all us rock chewers! 

In addition it has been said that Eve is a 'sandbox' so 'anything goes'.  Yep.  Most definitely Eve is just that but so is society.  If, God forbid, I come home tonight and find that my house has been burgled and my computer stolen do I think,' Hey, you know, no problem life's a sandbox the guy that did this has just as much right to burgle my house and steal my computer as I have to go out to work to earn the money to buy it in the first place.'  OR do I think, 'That's just not right, this behaviour has no place in a just society.'  Personally I'd go for the latter.  Life and Eve is not black and white.  As I am on the staff now at Eve Uni and I do need to point out that these views are my own and are not associated with the Corp at all of which who's rules and SOPs I am happy to be bound, but, yes in my view those who partake in Hulkageddon shouldn't try to present it as anything other than what it is.  An open season on people who they consider to be lesser than them in some way as they're not partaking in PvP.  That seems to be like discrimination... now don't get me started on that! :) and as such reflects the dark side of society.  Fun to them, not to me.  My final point is - we have as much right to be angry about your actions as you feel you have to take them.  Don't then deride them as 'tears' - it's more justifiable chagrin.  Don't minimise it in your embarrassment.  (Oops - I think I just fell off the fence!)

So this got me thinking - I've got some Isk in the bank and I can't be the only one.  Clearly I could not be involved in this in anyway but, just say some rich industrialists got together to speak with Noir or another effective Merc corp.  Is it justice to set them on the organisers and participants or does that make us as bad as them?  Discuss.


Next post - what's in your training queues - and why?

Oh and PS - this is the new Jahkin, a slightly less Thuggish looking industrialist than his younger brother (I hope!)


  1. Interesting blog post.

    They way I see it, those taking part in Hulkageddon are playing the game the way they wont to play it and are they any different from the pirate that pops low sec ratters?

    Also the thing about the Hulkageddon it really only targets AFK miners and those not paying attention, follow the rules, keep aligned and as soon as local spikes GTFO.

  2. Good post, but it breaks down on a key point: Eve is a game. Accordingly, your house metaphor does not really apply. If we approach Eve like a game and not real life, the mechanics take on a different shade. AFK miners are one team, Helcitys "enthusiasts" are another. If we merely play mechanics limited to 'not making the opposing team unhappy' then nothing happens. Farmville in space.

    Unfortunately for those espousing this play style, Eve is the full contact MMO. No one is safe.

  3. Eve not real life? - Pah - next you'll be telling me that Santa doesn't exist :o) - thanks for reading! :o)