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Saturday, 8 January 2011

Mining Operations

My first dual Orca mining operation was a daunting prospect.  I was under no illusion.   I knew very little, had no real boost and lacked the ability to haul the profits... so - why did I do it?

I did it because I wanted to help. I was keen to assist those mining in cruisers to make it into barges and those in barges to make it into Exhumers.  I know how expensive the skill books are let alone the ships!

In addition I also relished the opportunity to learn from my fellow students.  Within a few minutes of the op going live we had around 14 Unistas mining and, no pressure, I was responsible for the fleet.  I'd flown in a couple of Ivy League Navy fleets and been very impressed indeed by the discipline and organisation.  This was different though.  I wanted an open mic really - to allow for everyone to socialise and chat about the ins and outs of mining, mining yields and the noble art of refining.  The first thing I had to be sure of was that we had rocks to mine.  I'd scouted the belts earlier and now made the trip in my Orca - luckily the rocks were still there ready to be harvested.

So - with the belts bookmarked for Orca warp in points, off we went.  Once we were on the belt and mining lasers lit up it was my job to ensure that not only was all the ore secured but also transported back to the station.   This op was the first time I'd taken responsibility for boosting and hauling myself.  The miners made really good progress on the ore and my time was taken up with monitoring the Boost Orca hold and moving ore between that and the hauling Orca to ensure that the miners were able to continue to deposit their ore.  On top of that I was having to tractor in the cans of those who were too far away to drop directly into the Orca.  When I thought I was getting on top of it I then noticed several cans out in space which needed to be tractored in.  Being a new experience I felt like a duck out of water and I don't think I looked up from the screen for the duration of the Op!  That said, I managed to ensure that all the mined ore was conveyed back to the station and refined.  Thanks to Xolani1990 for that.

The operation went on for over two hours.  On completion, and following refining, I used an Orca to haul the resulting minerals to Hek.  I had previously been unable to do this due to lack of skills.  I have to say that the difference between selling in Aldrat and Hek was actually quite considerable and will ensure that in the future I will always move the minerals to the trade hub to get the best price for the miners. 

Once the minerals are sold it's the Fleet Commander's (FC's) responsibility to distribute the profits in accordance with time spent on the operation.  To ensure this was done equitably I use Genn's mining spreadsheet.  This works out from the total amounts made how much each miner or hauler is owed based on the time they spent on the mining operation.  I then distribute those profits using the Eve contacts and Evemail system.  When this is done my work is over and I can plan the next operation. 

Some have suggested in the past that this job (FC) warrants a greater share of the profits but my own personal belief is that the satisfaction for performing this role is drawn not from Isk but from knowing that you are helping others to make it in their chosen profession.  The money that they are making is helping them into their barges and exhumers and, once they have them, then they too will help those who follow them to do the same.

It's fair to say that I was really worried to start with that I'd be able to handle running an operation at all.  I still consider myself new to the game and I really did appreciate the help I was given by those more experienced in the career.  I was never made to feel 'small' but I was offered advice and help whilst engaged in the operation which contributed to its success.  Again this is testament to the nature and camaraderie of the Uni.

So, minerals being sold I was able then to send out the cash.  The moral of the story being - If I can do it - so can anyone :o)  Sometimes you need to risk something to prove something to yourself and managing the fleet successfully was a real confidence boost.  I was very happy to have been able to help.  I have learned a lot from all the operations that I've run.  None of them have been perfect.  The nature of Eve though is that each time they become better.  Be that through more advanced skills or experience alone.
The operation on 6 Jan was made even more interesting by the appearance of a former War Target in the asteroid field.  Despite laying out a jet can he appeared unwilling to show any aggression and we were allowed to warp from the field at the end of the operation without incident.

Thanks to all those who came along - I look forward to many repeats.

So - we are now arrived at where I am now.  I am an Assistant Mining Manager in the Uni.  As such it's my responsibility - and honour - to arrange mining operations for the University Students to assist us all in making some Iskies to further our plans.  I love it.  What I learn from my friends on the rocks really assists me in my game and, I hope, they also enjoy the operations we run together.

Now that I've covered my background in Eve to some degree it's my intention to begin to concentrate on events and updates in the game as they happen and to give a miner's eye view on the world of New Eden as it appears to me.  I hope that my observations are of interest...

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