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Monday, 13 December 2010

War is over.... and it's nearly Christmas!

Well, the war ended in the way these things seem to do in Eve. It petered out having struggled to gather much momentum. That said at least these opponents were willing to scrap it out on occasion so some learning was to be had.

So, we're back on the rocks - a mighty haul last week we managed to clear two belts in 'drat of their ore. I sometimes feel sorry for the individual miner in their frig chipping away at the rocks as two Orcas and several hungry barges and exhumers land in the belt and light up the rocks. It doesn't last long - they're always free to join us :-)

So - learning skills are going away. Old news now I know and it's scheduled for tomorrow. I've only got just over 300k SP in the skills so won't have a great deal to play with. The base stats though will put me around one point over what I already have so things should speed up generally which is a good thing. I've put together an EveMon plan which takes me to this time next year when I'll be skilled and certified to pilot not only my dreamed of Orca but also a Malediction (I'm in the Navy now!) and a Covops ship for some sneaky beaky trips to Outer Ring to pick up some BPOs. This time I'm ready for the free neural remap which I'm anticipating will be waiting for me when I log in tomorrow night.

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