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Friday, 31 December 2010

Season's Greetings

So - here we are on the cusp of a New Year and sadly subject yet again to a declaration of war. Hey ho so seems to be the world just now.

So - what did you spend them on? I managed to get into an Orca finally and with some appreciated help acquire the gang and mind links needed to fly it relatively well. I'm now training Cybernetics to level five to allow me to plug in the mindlink then it's the longish haul up to Mining Director five coupled with Warfare Link Specialist to five also which should pretty well max out my boosts to enable me to help out mining ops - when we get back to peace time operations again at least!

I have two other alts who are currently 'pimping' their mining skills in order to work with the Orca to strive towards some sort of self sufficiency. Once we're there I need to look at production and research to 'diversify' my money making a little.

'Some say...' that whenever we advertise a mining operation in the Uni we're War dec'd. I prefer to think of it as an unhappy coincidence. That said a few of us OOC sorts still managed a get together the other night to bring in some ore. With one of my alts I'm currently a few jumps from Aldrat now grinding standings with the MMC to try to maximise profits for our system operations. Even without full standings we still cleared about 4 mil each in an hour which wasn't too shabby.

Anyways - hope you have a very healthy and happy 2011 and not too bad a headache tomorrow!

Fly safe for now o7

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